Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year!!!!

We hope everyone enjoies there extra day!!! How is/did everyone spend there extra day? We also wanted to mention the link we added to our friends/family list. It is a link to our online photo album. We put most of our pics up there. And if you see new pics on our blog, there are most likely new pics in the album. We hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


What is AWW you ask? Well that's what I asked too. Let me 'splane. It stands for Alternate Work Week. Which is Brent's new work schedule. He used to work M-F 7:00-3:30 now he works M-TH 7:00-4:30 ever other Fri 7:00-3:30 and here's the great part every other Fri OFF!!! That's right, ever other week is a 3 day weekend! I think we are really going to like this new schedule!

Exploring the great outdoors!

Since the weather has been AMAZING here (highs in the 70's) we've been trying to take advantage of it! We've been out hiking a couple of times. The first time we went on a trail we'd never been on before. It started out nice, but then turned treacherous! There was cactus everywhere!!! The worst part was the cholla cactus! It drops cactus balls on the ground and they can be hard to spot. Well poor Bentley found out them! He ran off the trail and right through some cactus on the ground. It was so sad! He was yelping and crying. One good thing is Bentley gets too excited on walks so he has to wear a harness other wise he pulls too much and chokes him self. Well since he had his harness on I basicall held him in the air while Brent pulled it out. Brent is such a good boy scout. I'm standing around going, should we use my jacket? How do we pull it out? Brent calmly goes and gets two rocks and pulls it out. So smart! Despite the fact that it was a cactus ball, with lots of needles stuck to him it all came out together for the most part. Bentley was fine, as soon as it was out he was off trotting around again. This is a picture of our treacherous trail. If you look close you can see the cactus EVERYWHERE!


And now some of us on our hike. The dogs look great in nature!


This is half of hiking with them, sniffing every little thing


Brent looks a little disorientated but Bosco looks read to go!


Look how cute they are walking side by side!! Love it, they are such good buddies!

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I caught them both looking at the camera! Lucky!

It has been raining here a lot lately. So it was really green! Quite the unusual site for Phoenix. It was Beautiful! Wild flowers and green all over! I could almost immagine we were somewhere else!



We think our first hike was Bentley's fist hike ever. They both did good but pooped out after about an hour. So our second hike we paced our selves more, hike a while, stop rest for a few min, give the dogs water, etc. We managed to keep them going for 3 hours!!! It was great when we got home they were so wiped out! They just laied around the house the rest of the day! Nice and quite!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Confused Bosco

Ok so this is so stilly but we laughed pretty hard so I thougth I'd put it up here. The other night Brent and I were giving each other foot rubs. We were using a lotion that is Hot Coco scented. After a little while I look over and there is Bosco, sitting right next to us, drooling and licking his chops. HA! He thought there was food involved somewhere! Silly dog, Chocolate is for people! But there wasn't even chocolate! He cracks me up!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rockin' Out With Rock Band!

So we were totally frivolous and got Rock Band. And have been having loads of fun wasting time playing this game. The other day Shawna came over and was playing, then when her Dad and brothers came to pick her up we created a little band! It was pretty cool! I was excited to see Forrest on the drums, since he used to play drums when he was younger!

Super Bowl Saturday Night

Saturday night we went to the Super Bowl Saturday Night party. It was so much fun. It was at the Tempe town lake right off of Mill Ave. Which is a fun place any way, but throw a free concert into the works and you've got a party. It was packed there! The Counting Crows performed and they were AWESOME!!!! Brent said it was one of the best concerts he'd ever been too. I said that Rodger Clyne would be sad if he heard that :) It was so cold! I was just shivering! I was doing jumping jacks to stay warm! But the Counting Crows were so good it was worth being cold to stick around and watch! But in my being so cold I wondered how the girls that were only half dressed were not dying!?! That always has been and always will be a mystery to me! At the end of the show there was an awesome fireworks show. Probably the best fireworks I've ever seen! They went on for like 20 min. And not just one firework at a time, it was like the grand finale the whole time! It was a great night. I'm glad the Super Bowl is in town! Here is just a little sample of what the fireworks were like!

Friday, February 1, 2008

We got a Bentley

Wait sorry, I'm confused, we got a dog and NAMED him Bentley. Had you going for a minute there though huh! He is so tiny and so cute. He is a Yorkie-poo but mostly Yorkie I think. He is 3 years old. So both my dogs are the same age. He only weighs 11lbs! Too cute! He is just the perfect lap dog!

This is what he looked like when we got him. His hair was a little long. After looking into the cost of grooming I thought, if I can cut Brent's hair I can cut a dog's hair. So I did. It really doesnt look that great, but I'm positive it will look better next time! And really he's a dog. I kind of doubt the doggie fashion police are going to come after me! Well this is the result of his hair cut.

Like I said not the greatest but I dont think it looks SO horrible. Isn't he cute here?! Smiling for the camera! We've found out some things about our cute little dog in the two weeks we've had him. Like he can fly! We had some people over, and the dogs were still in the house when they rang the bell. I hurried and put them in the back yard while Brent let our friends in. Well Bentley was whining and started barking so we let him in. He took off and dashed toward our friends in the couch. From about 4-5 feet from the couch he jumped and flew across the room into Randy's lap! It was amazing! He can also curl up into the smallest little ball you've ever seen!

Ok so now that you've fallen in love with him, time to burst your bubble and tell you of all the "growing moments" we've had together! So Bosco and Bentley are both boys! Which means there has been a battle over who's territory our house is. Neither of them seem to realize it's not the dog's territory but Brent and I's! So we got them doggie diapers! Don't be so quick to judge, it's simply self preservation for our home! It looks really funny! And they both walk like the have something up there butt rather then wrapped around their wee wee! Oh it makes me laugh!!

For all you dog lovers dont worry, it doesn't hurt them and after wearing them a couple of times they don't even seem that bothered by them! Now for the most disgusting thing I've heard of a dog doing, and it was my dog! So after having Bentley for a few days we realized we need to keep our bathroom door closed because he seems to like to get into the trash. He'd done it a few times. So we started closing the door. Problem solved! But apparently not soon enough. A few days ago Brent let the dogs out in the morning to do there business. Bentley comes back in half squatting and looks at Brent like, "help me!" Brent looked and saw a paper stuck to his bum. So he went to pull it off and it just came coming and coming. So Brent the good man that he is pulled something out of his butt! It gets even better! Latter that day I went into the massage room, and on the floor were two panty liners! He had eaten them! Eeew! He had either passed them or thrown them up, but it really looked more like he had passed them! So gross! And he's a tiny little dog, full of panty liners! It explained why he hadn't eaten much the past couple of days! But that made me realize Brent most likely pulled a panty liner out of his butt not a paper! Ugh!

Bosco has also provided some good entertainment! He seems to think that Bentley's bed is perfect for him! It's a bed made for a small dog like Bentley, 11 lbs, not a big dog like Bosco 75 lbs! I haven't caught him in the morning in it with the camera yet but here is a pic of him sitting in it and Bentley next to him for comparison! You'll just have to imagine him asleep and falling out of it!

They've had lots of fun getting into trouble, tearing up the trash while we've been out. Peeing everywhere, and even playing a little! It sounds like an army is moving through the house when they start chasing each other. They are growing to be pretty good friends! Although it has taken a while. Bosco totally had oldest sibling syndrome! He was so jealous when we first got Bentley! If you pet Bentley, Bosco had to be right there getting pet too! But they really are getting along pretty well now! Just what the Dr. ordered! Just one more pic of them together!