Monday, April 18, 2011

Crystal and Jonathan Darby

My little sister got married in the St. George temple March 29, 2011.  She was such a beautiful bride!  The ceremony was beautiful and perfect.  I love weddings!  They always make me cry.  Welcome to the family Jonathan!

Croix kept trying to go in the temple.....adorable!

Me and my two little sisters.
My Mom made my sister's dress', I made my dress.

Croix found a man hole and thought it was great fun.

Seth and Bryce were playing in the leaves

This shot cracks me up, the waiter was reaching over Croix, and Croix's expression was priceless

And of course the bread basket is also a hat!

Then a couple weeks later she had a reception in Prescott.

Seth and Croix did a lot of running, Brent did a lot of chasing!

Isn't the cake beautiful!  My Aunt made it!

The three little boys dressed so nicely.
Seth, Croix and Justin

Apparently Justin liked petting Croix

Then Seth liked hugging Croix

Then Croix was done

My Mom and her siblings and parents
All the McElmurry crew

All the Welker crew


It snowed while we were there.  We loved it!  Croix had so much fun playing in it!

Throwing a snow ball

I love his foot prints in the snow

yeah he had fun

This is what it looked like as we were leaving

Do you love Brent in shorts and a t-shirt?!?!

I LOVE the snow!!!