Thursday, June 13, 2013

NOT The Blueberries!

A few days after Maizy's blueberry reaction Brent started throwing up too.  I was SO happy!  After confirming with the GI specialist we are safe to assume it was not the blueberries!  And she has eaten them since and been fine.  Thank goodness.  We are also trialing in wheat and she is doing well.  We'll start dairy in the next week or two.  I'm terrified and excited all at the same time. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013


In case you have any doubt that the Gospel is spreading there were three new wards added to our stake!  I'm glad we are new to the ward because honestly there were only two people I thought man I'll be sad if they aren't in our ward.  One was Croix's primary teacher, we lost her :(.  He's going to be sad about that.  But I think he'll be pretty happy to hear that his preschool teacher is now in our ward!  We are also back in the same ward as the Blunts.  They were in our Ellsworth ward.  He was our home teacher almost the entire time we lived there.  We lost two of our six primary kids in my class.  I'm sure we'll get some from the new people.  we did not loose too many people from our ward, mostly got new people from the other ward.  I'm looking forward to meeting all the new people.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Social Saturday

We stayed pretty busy today. After breakfast I finished up editing some pictures. Croix played in the sprinklers in the backyard. Maizy went down for a nap and I went to my counseling appointment.  After Maizy's first nap we want out to the grand opening of a new community called Eastmark. It seems like it will be a great community. They had all sorts of free stuff and fun activities. We only looked at 1 1/2 model homes. There were so many people there that it really was difficult to get a good idea of what the houses were like. And in one model we didn't even go up to the second story. They have a splash pad and Croix, fully clothed hopped in and splashed away!

Home for lunch a nap for Maizy and I. Then some friends D's called us up and invited us over. So we hung out with the Gun ells at their community pool and grilled. 

It was a pretty nice day.