Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Well I fell of the blogging wagon.  I think I needed a little bit of a break, or maybe I was just lazy, or depressed and overwhelmed.  Whatever the reason I'm sad of all that I missed documenting over the past year.  I'll try and play a little catch up here and there but I think I'm mostly just going to stay current!

Croix started kindergarten a couple weeks ago.  We decided to do half day kindergarten.  They still learn everything full day kindergarten does they just don't get all the extras (art, PE, music, library,etc)  Which is fine with me.  We do those things at home.  I thought it would be an easier transition.  He was still only 4 when he started.  And full day is a long day, even for a 5 year old.

 photo 1stdayofschool3_zpse14b2e27.jpg

 photo 1stdayofschool10_zps8572b9ee.jpg

Brent went into work late that morning so he could be there for the big moment. I love that he is able to take time off when he needs/wants to and it's not difficult.  Croix was beyond excited to start school.  He's had wonderful preschool experiences that past two years so he loves learning and school.  We had a good breakfast and then drove, parked and walked him up.  I had to grab him to make sure I got a hug and kiss before he ran off onto the playground to play.  I have to every morning!  He is just an independent soul.  He's had a few challenges with his ADHD but overall he is doing well.  He is trying hard, that's what his teacher tells me :)

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Croix has a few kids from his primary class in his school class.  This is Sawyer, his best friend :)

 photo 1stdayofschool26_zpsd7bb71b0.jpg

 There were no tears.  He was ready!  I did get a little misty eyed a few days in.  I dropped him off and he was running down the sidewalk.  He has a backpack with wheels so normally he pulls it behind him.  That day I put it on his back.  He looked so little running with his big backpack thumping around on his back. 

I think Maizy is having the hardest time with Croix starting kindergarten.  Every morning when we drop him off she asks "Mommy I go Croix's kindergarten too?"  She misses him, a lot. 

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It's been nice for us to have one on one time.  She is so fun.  We did "Maizy School" this morning and worked on letters and numbers.  She had fun with that.  I thought I'd be able to get a little more done during Croix's school but he's not here to entertain Maizy so I'm not really get much more done. We're moving on to a new stage, school!