Wednesday, May 20, 2015

End of school party

We had Croix's end of school ice cream party this morning. It was cute. Mrs. Becchetti gave all the kids a little certificate and a memory book. There is a page for autographs, Croix had fun getting autographs and a few numbers for playdates. Mrs. Becchetti came and said "I just want you to know Croix is doing so much better then the beginning of the year. Those first couple were rough but he is doing great now." He really has grown leaps and bounds over the school year.  I can't believe he'll be a first grader in a few short months!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Illuminating Imigination

I entered this photo in a photo contest with the Mesa Public Library in the reading/libraries category.  I was hoping to be a finalist.  Would have been ecstatic to be a finalist.  Then I got an email that said this;

Congratulations! Your Mesa Views Photography Contest entry, “Illuminating Imagination” was chosen as the 1st place winner in the Libraries & Reading category! We received many excellent submissions, and are excited to showcase yours as one of our winners.

Here’s what happens next:
·         Over the next few weeks, we will be working hard to get everyone’s photos printed and ready for display
·         Mark your calendars for the Mesa Views Photography: Opening Reception on Saturday, May 30th from 1-3 PM. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family
·         Your photography will be displayed at the Main Library branch through Friday, July 31st
Thank you for participating, and congratulations!

Mesa Public Library

 Here are some of the other photos I did that night.

I know some of the photographers that entered photos into this contest.  They are real, legitimate, photographers who have been doing photography for years, with well established businesses.  In other words way out of my league.  I was shocked that I won first place!  I still am shocked.   

(Future) Neighborhood Party

Our new neighborhood had a party. I love that they are having community events before anyone has even moved in. We had fun meeting new neighbors, eating yummy food and ice cream, participating in the games, getting faces painted, and playing on the bounce houses.  We're going to love living in the Mulberry neighborhood, only three more months!

Swim lessons

The kids have started swim lessons. Maizy screamed the whole time the first day. Today (second day) she was in the pool a few moments without tears and screaming. I feel bad because it makes me laugh a little. She's just so dramatic! Croix does great until he has to put his face in the water, then he freaks out. In their defense the water is cold since it hasn't been hot and has rained.

In related news I've been doing swim lessons for about a month. The city of Mesa is offering free adult swim lessons, so I'm taking advantage. I can flop around but if Croix or Maizy fell in they would drown before I could get to them. So I'm learning how to swim. It helps that I can say...My swim teacher tells me the same thing, or I'm learning that too it's hard isn't it. So there ya go, the advantage to not learning to swim as a child, increased empathy for your children when they are learning at the same time as you.
In the Phoenix area there were more adult drownings last year then children, most of them were an adult trying to save a child.