Sunday, November 25, 2007


What an exciting Thanksgiving we had. Not really, pretty typical until the end. We went to Chino Valley to spend the holiday with Terina's family. It took forever to get there because traffic was so bad on I-17. We have never seen it so bad. There weren't any accidents either. We took Bosco to meet everybody. He enjoyed running around with the other dogs and the big yard to run in. There was a big pee party when he first got there. First he would pee on something then the next dog would come and sniff it and pee, then the next one, then Bosco again. They would go around in circles doing that all over the yard. We had the typical Thanksgiving dinner followed by the tradition of a game of dominos. We played for hours and lost track of time. We had plans to visit Terina's other Grandma who lives in Prescott and some frineds. When we got ready to leave, our sister-in-law started having contractions. She had been having them all day but they got more consistent when we got ready to leave. So, when they were less than a minute apart, we decided to go to the hospital and get a new nephew. When we got there, the doctor gave her a shot to stop the contractions and told her to go home for a couple of weeks. So we went and visited Terina's other Grandma, picked up Bosco and headed home really late. Still no nephew.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Welcome everyone to our blog. We finally broke down and decided to do a blog. So here is a little about us! We were married September 1st 2005, what a great day! Brent works for SRP (the local power company) and I work for myself as a Massage Therapist. We both really enjoy what we do. We just moved into our first home almost six months ago and love it! It's been so great to have our own space! We had a dog named Bosco, he is a three year old boxer and he is so fun! We love to travel, try new resturants, watch movies, hang out with friends, and just have fun! We hope this will be a fun way for people to stay updated on what's going on in our lives!