Tuesday, December 18, 2007


In church our calling is Sunbeam teachers. We normallyhave 6 kids. They are fun! The other day the other Sunbeam teachers were not there (there are two classes because our primary is HUGE) So we got all 12 Sunbeams! Three of them did not speak english! We combine with the Spanish speaking branch so their kids come to primary and young mens/womens with our ward. It was insane! We never want to be pre-school teachers! It was so challenging to keep there attention. One was crying, another was beating up other kids, making them cry. then there are the potty breaks they have to take. And to think we thought six 3 & 4 yr olds were a lot to handle on a sunday! Twelve made us greatful to have just six. Next year there are 14 kids coming up to Sunbeams from Nursrey. That means a class of 7. I forgot how much our kiddos had grown up in the past year till they brought in kids from nursrey for singing time. We've got our work cut our for us next year!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Welcome to the World Seth Lee McElmurry! And Intorducing all the neice and nephews!

So we have a new nephew! His name is Seth Lee McElmurry! He is the middle pic. My brother Trenton and his wife Ali had there first baby on Saturday December 1st. He weighed 7 lbs and was 19'' long. Both mom and baby are doing good. And since our blog is new, we thought we'd share our other nephews and niece. There are Max and Kierstie Skiba. Max is 4 Kierstie is 2. And Connor Hansen, he is just 5 months old! He is the bottom pic. The top are Max Kiersti and Connor. They are so cute and so fun to play with! Max and Kierstie especially love Bosco! We sure do love all of them! We can't wait to get up to Prescott and meet little Seth!


Yea it's December! So we really are enjoing some cooler weather! We say that part jokingly, knowing that 60's in December really would not be concidered cool weather to most! We are looking forward to the Christmas season and the fun that it is! We had a movie theatre open near our house so we went to check it out. It is an Imax theatre, I (Terina) had never seen and Imax before so that part was pretty cool. But Brent wanted to see Beowulf, I was a little worried that I'd see a head flying at me in 3D! But I've draged him to enough chickflicks I figured I'd be a good wife and go along! Well there was a not only a head flying at me, but a whole half of a body! We'll just say not my favorite movie! But the Imax part was cool! And the theater was very nice!