Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vinyl Stories

So Brent's sisters have started there own Vinyl Lettering business. They have some of the cutest designs and ideas. They make great baby shower, wedding, birthday, anything gifts or decorations for your home! I just thought I'd share there wonderful venture with my friends! (They do ship!) There web site is

Enjoy browsing and getting inspired!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Sunday we went over to Brent's parents for Easter Dinner with the fam. We had the traditional ham, potato's, asparagus, salad. Yum yum! Max, Kierstie, and Connor were all adorable in there little Easter outfits! They had a great time playing with Bosco and Bentley. Bosco and Bentley also enjoyed eating the Max and Kierstie's left over ham! What a treat for them! We definitely enjoyed time with the family! We also appreciated the day and time set aside to remember our Saviour Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice for us, the tremendous gift that is for each one of us! And the miracle of his Resurrection, a time to celebrate new birth and eternal life!

Sitting On Top Of The World

This past week there was a little carnival in the mall parking lot by our house. There was a feriss wheel and I thought it would be so fun to ride it. We were going to go Friday night but I was so exhausted from work that I fell asleep on the couch! So we went Sat. night instead. I was worried that there would be long lines it being Sat night and all. We got there and walked right up to the ticket booth and bought our tickets. Walked up to the Feriss wheel and only had a few people in front of us. We only waited a few min before we got on. They were buckets rather then benches like you normally think of when you picture a feriss wheel. The buckets could fit probably 6 people and when we walked up to the one they directed us to there was already a couple in it. We went to get in and you could tell they were sad they weren't going to be alone, and we were sad we'd have to share. Then the the guy who told us to go up started hollering and waving, wait, wait. Apparently they just wanted us to go us and wait for the next bucket, not get on the bucket! There were happy faces all around when we realized this! And it was funny once they rotated it around and we got in they did the same thing to the next couple. They came up and started to get in, the man starts to wave and holler. You'd think it would just be easier to tell people, go to the top and wait for the next free bucket. Rather then just directing them to the bucket with people in it. (I feel like I've said bucket more in this paragraph then the past 5 years!!!) Once we were all in and got going it was so nice. The weather that night was AMAZING! Why we love living in Mesa! We could see for miles from the top. It was fun to share fair stories, and laugh at each other. After the ride we walked around and enjoyed the sights and smells of a carnival. Funny people, cotton candy, people screaming in delight and fear, kids with wide eyes loving everything, the girl with the HUGE stuffed animal. Ya know the typical sites! So the little street carnival was loads of fun! Afterward we decided dessert would be great and headed to BJ's Brewery. They have homemade root beer. After drinking it all I could say was perfection! I have never tasted better root beer in my life. With the root beer we had a pizookie. It's like cookie pie. It comes in it's own deep dish pan and it's the prefect cookie, hot and soft, and topped with two scoops of ice cream! The perfect dessert, perfect end to a perfect date!

Friday, March 14, 2008


So imagine it, I'm sleeping peacefully in our bed. I wake in the middle of the night, confused, unsure. The fan in our room has just blasted on full speed. I turn over grab the remote control, turn the fan back on low, where is should be, where it was. All the sudden the light comes on, the fan once again is rustling the room on high. Again I turn the fan down, the light off, and uneasily I roll over to go back to sleep. Again I hear the click, the light is back on the fan wildly going again. I am filled with uneasiness, the fan and light in our bedroom are randomly going on/off, faster slower. How could this be? Thinking logically, despite the fact that I have been startled from the dead of sleep, I realize it must be the remote control for the fan malfunctioning. Easy to solve right. I take out the batteries, put the remote back on the nightstand. Confidant I solved the problem I once again try to return to sleep. Click. There is is again. This time my heart starts pounding. Now there is NO logical solution or explanation to the fan/light. I get out of bed and flip the switch at the wall to off. This stops the unexplained switching of the fan speed and the light coming on and off. The problem has continued the past few days, randomly if the switch on the wall is on, there is no predicting what the fan and light will do. The only explanation, our house is haunted. We have a ghost that likes to wake us up at night and freak me out when I'm home alone and hear click!

Our Haunted Remote

Our Haunted Fan

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lazy Saturday!

So saturday was a nice relaxing day! We were just laying around the house. I was sitting on the floor and Bentley was on the bed, looking at me through the bed rail. So of course I grabbed the camera and got some good pics!

Then we went grocery shopping. I made manicotti for dinner and Crystal came over. Before we left we gave the dogs a treat. One went under the stove we figured we'd just get it later. When we got home Bosco had oppened up the broiler to get the treat?!?! How he did that I have no clue! But it was crazy!!!

Painting the Bathroom

So the other day I was bored and thinking about this extra "paint" we had. When we first moved into our house we got a sample of a rust colored paint. We were going to paint the kitchen and a wall in the living room this color. We put the sample on the wall and it looked GREAT with the counter tops, cabinets, carpet color but we didn't really like it for the kitchen. The color was just too strong! So we did red instead and the rust sat in the laundry room. Then sitting there bored I remembered the sample. I though "I bet it would be enough to paint the bathroom and that it would look good with the things we already have in there". I changed my clothes and started painting. This is what happened! (There are captions with some of the pics if you click on the slide show and then the second icon in from the left you can see them)

The "paint" we already had was just a color sample. So there was not enough for the whole room. And it wasn't really paint. I learned a bathroom is hard to paint. There's the mirror, the shower, towel rack, toilet paper holder, medicine cabinet. All that you can't get paint on and hard to paint around. I don't know if I'll ever paint another bathroom again. But I do think it looks good with our shower curtain and the pottery we have on the counters. While I was painting I put the shower curtain and a couple of towels over the edge of the bed. Bosco walked under it and got the towle draped over his head, it was so funny!

Did you know?

So my in-laws have a garden in there back yard. I love it! We get fresh organic veggies, the best! Well they have broccoli right now. There were a few head that needed picked so I got one. It had flowers in it. Corinne said just pick the flowers out. I thought it was like a weed, kind of thing. The flowers were growing IN the broccoli. No the flowers WERE the broccoli! Did you ever know that when you are eatting broccoli you are eatting flower buds? Well if you did you are smart! I never knew! Here is a pic my broccoli/folwer boquet!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Takin' A Dip!

I know it is barely March but the weather is PERFECT here! Bordering on the weather that is comming all too soon of blistering heat! I took Bosco and Bentley for a walk the other day during the afternoon. By time we got home we were all pretty hot. I went out side to the back yard and I found the two of them taking a dip to cool down. It was pretty cute so I took a pic!