Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!

"For those of you who have children and face the daily challenges that only a mother understands...

For those of you who have had an all-too small taste of motherhood and are grieving the loss of a baby (born or unborn)...

For those of you who ache for a child but are still waiting for that blessing...

For those of you who love, nurture, teach, pray for, and influence others for good...

For those of you who are daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us…

Happy Mother's Day to you!

May you celebrate the traits of a Heavenly Mother instilled in your divine nature, and the opportunities around you to use those traits. May you remember and honor your earthly mother by blessing others as she has blessed you."

Krista Oakes

Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

22 Weeks and Other Happenings

Last Tues we had a Dr. apt that went as good as I could have even hoped!!! Contractions are not a concern. As long as I pay attention to my body and don't over do it they have been fine. Cervix measured fine! Nutterbutter looked great! Tues. he weighed almost a pound, 13 oz! The ultra sound showed all normal and perfect growth and development! Also he is still a boy! It is so fun to get ultrasounds and see our little guy moving around! I also love that Nutterbutter is moving around ALL the time now!

Nutterbutter now makes me look like this

22 Weeks!!

Also last week we babysat for my little part time loves! I missed them! They are the cutest! We had fun going to soccer games and dance recitals and church! Once again we left thinking 4 is too many! Wow so much work! While we were baby sitting we just left the dogs at home and checked on them every day. Well Rusty must have gotten bored! This is what we came home to.......

What started the huge mess.....a roll of toilet paper, honest I have no idea where he got it!

Just a couple casulities of Rusty's boredom

But really how mad can you be when he looks at you like this to say sorry???

I also felt the need to put a cute pic of Bosco up since his is always so good and fails to get mention in the blog! LOL So here he is....perfect Bosco!!!