Sunday, September 27, 2009


Our computer is broken. I'm stealing away a few moments on the in laws computer after dinner. I miss my computer. I miss the Internet. I miss facebook. I miss having stupid games to play and entertain me while I'm feeding Croix. I miss looking at cute pics of my cute baby. I miss sharing those cute pics with the world! I have a client who has offered to help me fix it. I really hope he can get it working! I hope even more that we don't loose anything from the computer! My whole life story is on there in the form of photography. Which not so smartly is not entirely backed up anywhere! Pray we get it working and pray we haven't lost anything. Also I've got a post Ive been dying to post! Well Croix is crying and hungry and since I only have a few minutes this will have to be all for now! Hopefully I'll be back soon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Croix's Newborn Pictures

My friend of Red Bucket Photography did a newborn session with Croix. The results were amazing........

I uploaded the whole session on our online photo album if just haven't gotten enough of our sweet angel!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Muddeling Around at Midnight

Sleep deprivation has created a few funny stories. One that really cracks me up.....should I save the best story for last or just start with it???? I think I'll make you wait and save it for last.

First the other day, wait no not day, night, middle of the night, I got Croix up to feed him. Propped up my pillows. Put the boppy in place and sat there in a state between sleep and consciousness. Croix was just nuzzling and nuzzling and making frustrated noises. I thought Ugh what's the deal why doesn't he just eat already. Look down, I hadn't even undone my bra! No wonder he wasn't eating!!!

Second I woke up to Croix fussing. I'm laying in bed trying to fully wake myself up, and feel Croix next to me. I'm feeling for his face......all I feel is blanket!!! My heart starts pounding as I'm thinking I've smothered my baby. I wake up enough to open my eyes and realize all I was feeling was my body pillow. Croix was safely in his bassinet, still fussing!

Third a few days after we were home from the hospital, while I was still instructed by Brent not to get out of bed unless it was to go to the bathroom Croix woke up. So I rub Brent's back and say can you go get Croix. He just made sleepy noises. The he gently rubs my side and I think oh he's being sweet. Then his hand heads south and he's trying to pull down my pants! I move his hand and ask him what he's doing. He just mumbles. Then he's trying to pull down my pants again. I ask Brent what are you doing? Just trying to...mumbling. Still trying to get my pants down. I take his hand and say Brent you need to wake up. He replies I am awake. I ask well then what are you doing? He says Trying to get ready for him. I say Brent you're trying to get in my bottoms. He says what's the difference. I'm laughing at this point, he's so out of it and has no clue what he's saying or doing. But he's still trying to pull my pants down so I take his hand and say Brent you need to wake up and get your son so I can feed him. No response just trying to get his hand free. So a little louder and more sternly I say Brent you need to wake up and get your son so I can feed him all the while holding his hand a little more firmly. Well he then sits up and gets out of bed and says Fine maybe you need to go to sleep! I really wish I could tell you this story because the tone of voice he used is the best part. He sounded like an indignant teenager! Fine! But maybe you need to go to sleep! I was busting up! I asked him about it the next morning figuring he wouldn' remember anything. He did vaguely remember, he says all he really remembered was that he just thought he needed to help me get ready to feed Croix! Too funny!!!

Just because he's too cute here's a few pictures that I took the other day of the cause of the sleep deprivation.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fur Babies

Have you all been dying to know how the dogs are doing? I mean enough about our sweet little one, you want to hear about the dogs right? Ok ok I'll fill ya in. They are doing great! They have done even better with Croix than I thought, and I expected them to do really well! Monday morning before we left for the hospital they could tell something was up! It was kind of funny to watch them so unsure of what was going on! When we first got home from the hospital Brent went in first to say hello and get them a little calmed down. Then he came back out and got Croix and we all went into our home! Now Bosco has a pee pants problem. He gets overwhelmed with emotion and pees himself. He does this for two reasons, one he's really excited, two he's trying to be super submissive. Well we came home and he was just peeing and peeing and peeing, not excited! He was so sad! He couldn't figure out what was going on and I honestly think he was worried he was getting the boot! He wouldn't come and be with us, he just layed by the front door. When he was by us, he had his ears back and looked very unsure. We made sure to give him some extra love and cuddle with him. We made sure to pet him while holding Croix so he could see, we can love them both! It took him a day or two but he's figured out that he's not going anywhere, we still love him and he's still part of the family. Rusty had a much easier time of things. I think he has just always know he's on the bottom of the totem poll and so nothing has really changed in his world! He is very cute when Croix cries Rusty will come over and look at him and look at me like hi Mom ya gonna do something about this? They both have been really good about not kissing him, just coming up and smelling him. They have done great! It's also cute to see how a new person in the house has efficted their relationship. They seem closer. I know they are just dogs but it's like they've kind of come together and become even better buddies. Funny how babies bring a family closer together!

Bosco and Rusty meeting Croix

Now on to funny stories! Rusty is a funny dog! He found the mirrors on the wall in the bookshelf. He thinks there is another dog there! He keeps growling and barking at this new dog. He also is protecting his teddy bear! It's hilarious! We've been dying laughing at him! He also had quite the incident the other night. I was down stairs Brent was upstairs when all the sudden I hear Rusty yelping and making a fuss. I figured he must have gotten into the trash and got a thump on the nose. But then he kept on yelping and crying and I thought what's going on up there! I come upstairs and Brent is on the floor next to Rusty while the poor dog sounds like he's dying! I ask Brent what's the matter and he doesn't know! He said Rusty was just laying on the floor sleeping and then woke up sounding like he was dying. He had his front paw completely contracted up next to his body and it couldn't move. We thought maybe his leg fell asleep, so we tried rubbing it. That didn't help, we tried to straighten it out and couldn't. His paw would twitch but he leg couldn't straighten. I get the phone and call the animal hospital since it was sat eve. and the vet was closed. While I'm calling Croix starts crying down stairs so I go get him. Explain to the animal hospital what's going on. They say we should bring him in, it sounds kind of serious and not normal. She mentions ACL and I'm thinking crap. ACL problems are expensive! Just as I get off the phone Brent hollers I figured it out bring some scissors?!?!?!?! What the heck could he need scissors for? I hurry upstairs and he says He has his paw stuck in his collar! You've got to be kidding right? Nope this silly dog some how got his dew claw, which is the back one, stuck in the latch of his collar. Now being the frugal person that I am stop Brent from cutting the collar off of Rusty, I'm thinking we've just spent hundreds of dollars on baby stuff we don't need to spend another ten bucks on a new collar. But Rusty was nipping at Brent when he'd try and unhook the collar because it hurt. So I in my post delivery crippled state finally make it to the ground so I can hold Rusty's head down while Brent unlatched the collar. Instantly Rusty was fine. He stood up, shook it off and was instantly his happy go lucky self again! All of that fuss over a stuck paw! You seriously would have thought he was dying! He's so dramatic and overly vocal! Silly dog. Well that is all the dog stories for now! Hope you feel satisfied and informed as to the state of our dogs!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

4 Years and Still Going Strong!

Funny I was about to sit down and write yesterday was our 4 year Anniversary, but it was two days ago! Hummmm tired? Yes! So Tuesday was our 4 year anniversary. We enjoyed a quick trip to Sonic and loved spending the day with our little boy! We both feel like every year, every anniversary just keeps getting better and better! I know I'm so much more in love with my sweet husband today then even yesterday and for sure more then 4 years ago! He is amazing and I'm so grateful to have him in my life! He makes it so complete and worth while!