Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trip to the West Side

We have a few friends who live on the west side.  We decided it was time to make the trek out there to visit, especially since one family had a brand new baby and two other families had babies we had not yet met.  First we met up with the Gunnells.  They have twins the same age as Croix, and a brand new little love.  I sure did enjoy soaking up some of his newborn sweetness!  I as always admired my friend who is the mother of twin toddlers, a new born, and has a husband in the thick of med school meaning he is not avaliable to help.  Yet she did not complain, just acknowledged that this is a hard time in their lives but it will not last forever.  She's such an example to me!  Croix loved playing with his buddies Max and Kate.  Brent had a good time catching up with Phil.  It was nice to stop by, visit, and catch up with each other.  We spent the morning playing, chatting, and snuggling (with with baby Rhett).

 Croix especially loved their train.  He would have stayed in it all day had I let him. Then we did a quick lunch and nap time.  From there we headed off to lunch with Brent's old roommate, Sven and his wife.  We had a great time chatting and catching up.  I had forgotten how funny Sven is!  Croix had a lot of fun in their play place.  I had to go rescue him a couple times because he could get up, but not down.  Finally he figured out how to go down the slide!  He got a yellow (his favorite color) balloon and thoroughly entertained himself the whole way to our next stop.

From there we headed to meet up with some of Brent's long time friends, and their families.  I failed to pull out my camera but trust me Croix had a blast with all of their kids! We had fun eating a delicious dinner and catching up with our friends.  It was a long day to be sure, but well worth the sacrifice, to visit with so many great people!

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Heather said...

Cute Croix! I love the balloon series. So happy that you made the long trek to see us and that the rest of your day went smoothly.