Monday, November 14, 2011

Vertuccio Farm

We went to Vertuccio Farm this weekend.  Croix had a blast!  If you have kiddos, I'd highly recommend taking them!  It's prefect for kids!

Riding the cow train

 That is about all he did in the bounce kind of scared him a little bit!

 Ta-da!  So proud of himself!

 Oh how I adore this picture!
 Croix loved the tractor

 Croix found some treasures....dirt clods!  Such a boy!

And because there's clearly not enough pictures for you to get the true feel of the expereance here's a video too :)


KJ's Perspective Take 2 said...

Looks like tons of fun! You are gorgeous by the way. Love seeing pictures of you too!

Ali said...

Heh, this is where we went for Chloe's field trip! It is such a fun place and I had no idea it existed, glad you discovered it too! Fun pix!

Emily said...

We have a place similar to that here - it's SO fun for the kids, what a great time Croix must have had!!

Hope you and your family has Happy Holidays!!

Collier Family said...

Glad you had fun on the farm! Great pictures!