Monday, November 14, 2011

Vertuccio Farm

We went to Vertuccio Farm this weekend.  Croix had a blast!  If you have kiddos, I'd highly recommend taking them!  It's prefect for kids!

Riding the cow train

 That is about all he did in the bounce kind of scared him a little bit!

 Ta-da!  So proud of himself!

 Oh how I adore this picture!
 Croix loved the tractor

 Croix found some treasures....dirt clods!  Such a boy!

And because there's clearly not enough pictures for you to get the true feel of the expereance here's a video too :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

Croix loves pumpkins, who would have guessed.  he got a little pumpkin at story time and carried it around proudly for days!  We drew a face on it and he thought that was the greatest thing ever!

 Croix thought this insides were a little gross, or surprising at the least.

Can you guess which pumpkin is who's ?  Doesn't the one on the right just look like a Brent pumpkin!  HA!


It was so fun to take Croix trick-or-treating this year!   He really got it, and it was adorable!  We got together will all the cousins to go trick-or-treating.  We started out pretty late because our North Carolina cousins flew in late (for Papa's funeral, post to come soon).  These poor kids were all so tired but they did great.  Such troopers!  Croix was a little zoo keeper...adorable!

 Croix as a zoo keeper
 Connor as Superman
 Princess Kierstie
 Farry Kate

 Tyler the shark

Max the Mummy

 All the cousins (yes poor Croix, already past bed time and we're just getting started)
 Aren't these two little one just too cute!

Despite the sad reason it sure was fun to have all the cousins here for Halloween!