Monday, September 16, 2013


We have a very dear friend who had a bad accident.   He got his arm suck between the wall and a treadmill with it on high.  He lost the top layer of skin on his arm, knee, and hand.  With other burns on his face and other arm and hand.  He had to have a couple skin grafts.  They took skin from his scalp so he had to shave his head.  He was quite sad about all his hair being gone.  So Brent and Croix shaved their heads to show support.

 photo 83maizy1stbirthday_zpsd34fe362.jpg

 photo 91maizy1stbirthday_zps53ad009d.jpg

 photo 92maizy1stbirthday_zps023bb043.jpg

Don't worry, we didn't leave it like that.

I really don't like how it looks on either of them, but I love what is says about their kind hearts.  Croix didn't like it either.  He kept asking me when he could get his hair back.  He did like how soft it was for a while though.  Brent's hair has completely grown back.  Croix's is a little slower, but it is back to the "alfalfa" stage.  Sticking straight up no matter what we try.  Love these kind men!

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