Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy First Birthday Maizy

I'm only a couple months behind but here we go!

She woke up a Happy Girl!  (she almost always does)

 photo 107maizy1stbirthday_zps6eac0aa9.jpg

I put balloons in Maizy's room for her to wake up to.

 photo 109maizy1stbirthday_zps44e58242.jpg photo 114maizy1stbirthday_zpsc0bb4885.jpg

 photo 137maizy1stbirthday_zpsafdf7e5c.jpg

Grandma Susan came and helped us make the cutest cake ever

 photo 160maizy1stbirthday_zps5c10ce80.jpg

 photo 211maizy1stbirthday_zps62d9363d.jpg

Somehow this is the best picture I got of her cute birthday outfit!

 photo 169maizy1stbirthday_zps7426e59c.jpg

Her curls were perfect!

 photo 186maizy1stbirthday_zpseb252d5a.jpg

checking out her cake

 photo 217maizy1stbirthday_zpsbc9434b8.jpg

With Grandma Maldonado

 photo 235maizy1stbirthday_zps291ecdab.jpg

 photo 244maizy1stbirthday_zps54161871.jpg

Aunt Chelsea

 photo 247maizy1stbirthday_zps53c68006.jpg

The little buddies
 photo 278maizy1stbirthday_zps6c331a20.jpg

Attempts at pictures with all of us are usually pretty entertaining

 photo 299maizy1stbirthday_zps8beabbb7.jpg

Croix "helping" Maizy with her gifts

 photo 309maizy1stbirthday_zpsb36d8cf9.jpg

She didn't need much help though

 photo 320maizy1stbirthday_zps65cc933f.jpg

 photo 323maizy1stbirthday_zpsc66db2b1.jpg

She got her first baby and quickly learned how to say baby

 photo 330maizy1stbirthday_zps24dbc198.jpg

 photo 364maizy1stbirthday_zps2ac1f4f2.jpg

Of course she though the bottle was for her

 photo 371maizy1stbirthday_zps22ba5839.jpg

Her cute baby owl.

 photo 410maizy1stbirthday_zps6f1f1bfb.jpg

That she promptly touched the flame of....yes we had practiced!

 photo 411maizy1stbirthday_zps5c93f224.jpg

 photo 412maizy1stbirthday_zpscf2b8116.jpg

As soon as we were done with all the filly singing and fire business she chowed down.

 photo 437maizy1stbirthday_zps54208e5e.jpg

 photo 438maizy1stbirthday_zpsd7dcfa8f.jpg

 photo 450maizy1stbirthday_zps82334158.jpg

And so did everyone else

 photo 476maizy1stbirthday_zps851f0845.jpg

 photo 479maizy1stbirthday_zpsee05d330.jpg

 photo 491maizy1stbirthday_zps0fa9fc51.jpg photo 15maizy1stbirthday_zps26c2ceed.jpg

 photo 26maizy1stbirthday_zps671f2bb8.jpg

 photo 35maizy1stbirthday_zps2957d081.jpg

She ended up quite messy

 photo 39maizy1stbirthday_zpsca70528d.jpg photo 43maizy1stbirthday_zps7c75b3da.jpg photo 50maizy1stbirthday_zpsacb7adc9.jpg photo 53maizy1stbirthday_zps8fc518b0.jpg

I know she's out of focus but look at that smile!

 photo 61maizy1stbirthday_zps8eb52f80.jpg

A bath was in order!

 photo 65maizy1stbirthday_zpsddd54767.jpg

It was a perfect day for our perfect little girl!

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