Tuesday, September 17, 2013


We took a quick weekend trip up to Pinetop to get away from the heat.  I had never been there, driving up there I thought, are we in Arizona still?  It's so beautiful!  We thoroughly enjoyed the drive up there!

 photo IMG_20130806_121507_610_zpsc183497d.jpg photo IMG_20130806_121514_401_zpsaa1d56ef.jpg photo IMG_20130806_121437_976_zps7aac6180.jpg photo IMG_20130806_121433_822_zps4c79e0bf.jpg
 photo IMG_20130806_121609_218_zpsbc8df684.jpg

We left at 10 (Maizy's naptime) with hopes that she would sleep at least part of the way up there.  But per the standard with my children all we got was silliness and crying.

 photo IMG_20130809_134013_215_zpsa58d01df.jpg photo IMG_20130809_153024_250_zps3105fb98.jpg

It was our first time to this area and we found an awesome community with rental cabins.  Our cabin was perfect! Full kitchen (fully equipped), two bedrooms and bathrooms, a front and back deck, a fireplace, and best of all access to all the community amenities.

 photo DSC_0641copy_zps6e5d9fdd.jpg

 photo DSC_0640copy_zps8a67d966.jpg

First order of business was a nap for Maizy.  But after that we had to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather!  We found a perfect little hiking trail.

 photo DSC_0239copy_zps25d1178a.jpg

It had this amazing little creek that you could hear gurgling along.

 photo DSC_0230copy_zps1eef3a25.jpg photo DSC_0225copy_zpsee345783.jpg

It had beautiful views.

 photo 367D4DCD-A12D-4981-BAE3-9D64D9BB39C7-1735-000003AADFD3CA20_zpsb1af647b.jpg

 photo DSC_0182copy_zps6e3bf637.jpg

 photo DSC_0187copy_zps5af5dac6.jpg

And some beautiful flowers!

 photo DSC_0221copy_zps2a561ed0.jpg photo DSC_0212copy_zps53f2f77f.jpg

Maizy got tired of the Eurgo after a while so Daddy was very kind and carried her.

 photo DSC_0178copy_zps21bd8b7c.jpg

 photo DSC_0207copy_zps685e643c.jpg photo DSC_0197copy_zps6b19bce2.jpg

 photo DSC_0202copy_zpsb58a5e81.jpg

 photo DSC_0179copy_zpsbc2ab6da.jpg

There were fun signs to read along the way. Croix wanted to read each of them and thought all the info about the area was amazing!

 photo DSC_0188copy_zpse3216af0.jpg

Croix climbed a tree

 photo DSC_0163copy_zpsd46d4bdf.jpg

 photo DSC_0164copy_zpsb23e4b8b.jpg

 photo DSC_0170copy_zpsf95cab94.jpg photo DSC_0168copy_zpse4f44a1f.jpg photo DSC_0173copy_zpsd4eb6c0b.jpg photo DSC_0175copy_zps64ba27c1.jpg

We went to the park where Croix was frozen on the cargo net because there was small spiderweb way up on the top corner.

 photo DSC_0523copy_zpsd46a1e4a.jpg

 photo DSC_0530copy_zps439606c2.jpg  photo DSC_0532copy_zpsda0648c1.jpg

 photo DSC_0534copy_zpsde218725.jpg

 photo DSC_0536copy_zps4a9a6798.jpg

 photo DSC_0546copy_zps48b1491a.jpg photo DSC_0554copy_zpsd23029cb.jpg photo DSC_0559copy_zps4bc11785.jpg photo DSC_0547copy_zpsaf4d03d9.jpg

Brent and Croix enjoyed a game of tether ball....

 photo DSC_0560copy_zps1af40d55.jpg photo DSC_0565copy_zps1f508f05.jpg

Until Croix fell flat on his face after spinning around the pole too many times. He hit the exact same spot he had a goose egg on already! Poor boy!

 photo DSC_0567copy_zps271fad28.jpg

 photo DSC_0569copy_zps45cafb52.jpg

 photo DSC_0571copy_zps7c28cd6f.jpg

Croix enjoyed driving from the community area to our cabin.

 photo DSC_0581copy_zps8a41cd6d.jpg photo DSC_0582copy_zpsc7d9f55d.jpg photo DSC_0583copy_zps6f54496e.jpg

Maizy figured out how to have a finger up her nose while still sucking her thumb.

 photo DSC_0589copy_zpsad0e6b9d.jpg

We made smores in our fireplace

 photo DSC_0845copy_zpsad00281b.jpg photo DSC_0849copy_zpsf98b46d0.jpg

And enjoyed every gooey bite!

Until we were all messy.
 photo DSC_0857copy_zps98f8dd4b.jpg

 photo DSC_0863copy_zpsa75455b5.jpg

We spent a lot of time hanging out on the porches.

 photo DSC_0269copy_zpsf83a9b63.jpg photo DSC_0262copy_zps6c8e25ff.jpg

 photo DSC_0267copy_zps3ef6bd9b.jpg

 photo IMG_20130807_163659_897_zps349cadeb.jpg
 photo 05E90DD8-56B0-4517-8715-A6E1C52CEEC3-1735-000003AB4424CF47_zps74ae3e3a.jpg

Such a nice view

 photo 636FD114-4DF2-4534-B081-2627F57A4990-1735-000003AB33782F7B_zps98c84d67.jpg

A good book was always near by.

 photo DSC_0249copy_zps5e301973.jpg

 photo IMG_20130807_152144_269_zpsb99d4e81.jpg

And we enjoyed a few meals in the great outdoors and perfect weather.

 photo IMG_20130807_115133_229_zps4439e0e8.jpg

Croix decided to try his hand at photography

 photo IMG_20130808_182720_569_zpsa9b4e54b.jpg

 photo IMG_20130808_182644_083_zps6c2f5739.jpg

 photo ACE38367-E51E-44BF-81BA-CDFA2021F52D-1735-000003A9EA428848_zpsf3aad054.jpg

He had lots of fun taking these pictures.

 photo DSC_0728copy_zpsc38d7316.jpg

 photo DSC_0749copy_zps2a043e0d.jpg

 photo DSC_0764copy_zps8e76b53c.jpg

 photo DSC_0766copy_zpsdb4aaacd.jpg

 photo DSC_0768copy_zpsdcd41c2d.jpg

 photo DSC_0773copy_zps7c1cb821.jpg

 photo DSC_0794copy_zpscf621c4f.jpg

 photo DSC_0821copy_zps914516d9.jpg

 photo DSC_0831copy_zps90d04f15.jpg

I was impressed!

Croix and Brent went fishing early one morning. So Maizy and I had a girls breakfast.

 photo IMG_20130808_113207_525_zps6cd11492.jpg photo IMG_20130808_113209_124_zps73f38c01.jpg photo IMG_20130808_113323_651_zpsae078ddf.jpg

 photo 65D885AF-1691-4C1B-A69F-DD49D82D5D78-1735-000003AACE7C9E40_zpsadfcad39.jpg

 photo 0A2E2D45-6162-4C1E-ABF5-B977CCC90A0D-1735-000003AAB951114F_zps0576fb44.jpg

 photo F7BE1F70-37DE-4DE9-8612-BEC03E741638-1735-000003AA9AD29019_zps441a6f09.jpg

 photo CBEFAC70-184F-4D3B-AD2F-05B0CB06A75A-1735-000003AAA75AAE5D_zps46d946d7.jpg

They stopped and got some breakfast

 photo 8ED99EC5-F251-4EC0-95CC-7CD182C4B7A6-1735-000003AA7D905847_zpsba5feb45.jpg

And then hit up the golf course

 photo 0486424C-593C-4422-B9AA-6C0A35AAA919-1735-000003AA61983EBD_zps1a5595b6.jpg

 photo CA9B4EF2-0213-485B-9456-3A50140DF2BF-1735-000003AA560E7AC2_zps5bbba725.jpg

We had a grassy "front yard" It was fun to lay out there and watch the bugs.

 photo DSC_0259copy_zps538e0c53.jpg

And find castles and animals and ice cream cones in the clouds

 photo DSC_0253copy_zpsb328a6e9.jpg

The family center was loads of fun. There were arcade games and air hockey, a preschool age play place with duplos so Croix was instantly in heaven. The had a movie room with sofas and recliners and a big screen tv.

 photo 7395BFFD-D43B-4DCD-BCC4-CA2FD09FA465-1735-000003AAF16D39B9_zpsf87f50ad.jpg

Croix, Maizy and Mommy racing motercycles.

 photo 8F8518D3-0597-41F2-8471-AAAF9AA71851-1735-000003AB03D53BC0_zps49da01ad.jpg

 photo A9342902-46F6-4F7C-A53B-4A0AE82FAC4E-1735-000003AB14FBE20F_zps193f5199.jpg

Our last morning there we were lucky enough to enjoy breakfast with the Campas.  The provided yummy Krispy Kream doughnuts and we contributed some juicy fruit.  It was fun to see them and a scrumptious (albeit unhealthy) breakfast!

We loved every minute up there. Made us want to move and question why we live in an oven. We read books. Walked and hiked all around. Made brownies.  Relaxed.  Enjoyed the quiet.  Breathed in some fresh air.  Watch very little tv.  Our cell phones main purposes were to be cameras, not a distraction.  Oh it was a heavenly weekend!