Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Faith Proceedes the Miracle

I'm a little hesitant to post this.  I don't want people feeling sorry for us, this is not the purpose of this post.  I really just feel too overwhelmed with the love and blessings of a tender Heavenly Father to not share.

This is prefaced by another story that is really too long to tell.  I'll just give the short of if.  We got lazy in paying our tithing (unintentionally) and had to pay a large amount. I went to transfer the money from our savings to our checking and accidentally transferred it to the credit card.  Basically I paid off the credit card balance and it then had a credit on it.  There went our tithing.  Gone.  So we saved all the rest of the end of the year.  Barely got it together but paid our tithing.  Between no clients for months for me, paying for school for Brent, paying our tithing, our savings is now wiped out. Gone.

At the start of the new year I decided we are not getting behind on tithing again.  January 2nd I pulled out the check book to write a check.  Brent said we did not have enough money right now to pay our tithing.  We headed to the computer and pulled up our bank account.  Took the current balance subtracted all the bills that we would need to pay before Brent's next paycheck.  We would have about $80 left.  If we paid our tithing we'd be in the red about $50.  My heart sunk.  We really did not have the money to pay our tithing, it just was not there.  I thought about saying, well maybe we should wait two weeks then.  Then I had a feeling things will be ok.  With a  prayer and faith I wrote a check and gave it to the bishop.  It has been a long, long, LONG time since I've had to have faith my finances would be ok when paying my tithing.  The Lord had never failed me in the past, but I was never worried about buying diapers and feeding a child before.  Again I knew it would be ok.  I'd hustle up a massage or two, and we could buy food and diapers.

Sunday even, just hours after I paid our tithing I got a text from a client wanting a massage.  It almost brought tears to my eyes.  Such quick and obvious answer to my prayers.  It was just for a 60 min massage, so not enough to buy food, but enough we wouldn't be in the red.  Two days later another client contacted me to schedule a 90 min massage for her and her husband.  Food and diapers and a little left over!  Tears did come!  How great is my God!  He loves me.  He hears my prayers.  He in his love and kindness answered them.  How could I ever have worried?

PS.  Please do not worry about us.  We will be fine.  We will now make it through January just fine.  Then we will get our taxes.  Then we will pay off my car.  Then Brent will graduate.  Then we will pay off Brent's car. THEN we will be more then fine, we will be comfortable and rebuilding our savings!


Erin L said...

I cried reading this. I have such a strong testimony of tithing and it just builds my faith to hear stories like this. Awesome. That is something you'll be able to tell your children for generations.

Kendra said...

That is really, really neat. I love it when things like that happen. I too have such a strong testimony of tithing. Jared gets paid once a month (he gets a draw for however much he wants in the middle of the month but we try not to do much at that point) so when I get his paycheck I sit down and write out all the bills, making sure to pay tithing first. We've been struggling for a few years with finances (long story of what happened). I seriously don't know how we've been making it but each month, but we do. I am sure it is because we pay our tithing first and then have faith (that's sometimes a struggle too) that things will work out. It's amazing how they do. Not only do we have enough money each month but also, things with our situation have improved and also show us that Heavenly Father loves us and that we just need to trust in Him. He's the One in charge. It sounds like you have a plan to get things better in the future - look forward to that and it will happen!

hufflepufffamily said...

I am so proud of you! Way to go!

***LIZ*** said...

Yay for tender mercies. I am grateful for tough times so that I can appreciate how much Heavenly Father blesses us all.

Nicole said...

I guess you could always use your credit on your credit card to buy diapers and food. Also I can never make it work with Stephanie to get a massage so maybe I can get one from you. Let me know how much you charge.