Monday, January 3, 2011

Poo in the Potty!

I've notice that Croix seems very aware of when he's going poo lately.  Despite being told by multiple people that he's too young to start potty training I decided to put him on the toilet when he looked like he was going.  The other night he got that look so I rushed him to the bathroom, put him on the toiled and he did it!!!!  I praised the heck out of him.  We looked at his poo and clapped and made the biggest deal out of it.  I haven't caught him with his poo face again, so so far it's been a one time occurrence but I must say it's pretty exciting.  Yesterday my Mother in law told me she did the same thing with Brent and he was poop potty trained by 18 mo!  Here's to hoping I can pull that off too.  Either way it makes me excited to think that we'll most likely be out of diapers by the end of this year!  Woo! Hoo!

This is the only picture Brent managed to snap.  Not very good.  Croix kept trying to shut the door, it was funny. Also, he just seemed so small on that big toilet.  As big as he is getting, he is still just a little guy!


hufflepufffamily said...

Any pooh that makes it into the potty is a good thing! Good luck!

AZ Larsens said...

Do you want a little potty? I have one I'm going to get rid of, it's barely used! I'll message you on FB.