Friday, April 8, 2011


Sometimes being a stay at home Mom is down right exhausting.  Yesterday I was trying to get somethings done in the morning.  I was washing my face brushing my teeth and then putting laundry away.  While in the bathroom Croix pulled all the toilet paper off the roll.  Was putting it in the toilet and than getting it back out again.  Emptied most of the contents of the drawers cupbard in the bathroom.  Then I got all my hangers put them on the bed, started hanging clothes.  Croix went to his room pulled all the books off his book shelf.  Then came in my room again, climbed up on my bed.  Pushed all the hangers on the floor.  I'm picking those up and he pushes all the clothes on the hangers on the floor.  Pick those up, he pushes the hangers on the floor again.  Take him off the bed.....again and I breathe and remind myself it's just mess and he's just a toddler.  I continue hanging clothes when he climbs on top of the computer desk and starts throwing everything off.  This is when I had to put him outside my bedroom door and give myself a time out!  He's a tornado of destruction.  I've got ten times the mess I started with and barely a dent in the laundry.  I give in and put some cartoons on the computer.  Open my door.  Give him a big kiss and hug.  He turns into a zombie.  I get the laundry done. 

By nap time I was exhausted.  Not necessarily physically exhausted, just exhausted.  I love being a stay at home Mom.  It's such a gift and blessing.  But man it can be challenging at times.

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