Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Utah Vacation

The day after Brent finished his final class we headed to UT.  My sister was getting married and we were going to enjoy some time together after the completion of Brent's schooling!  Even if it was for my sisters wedding it was still a great way to celebrate finishing school.  We spent hours together in the car, chatting and laughing.  Days together with nothing to do but enjoy each others company.  It was delightful.

We brought along Scout, Croix's favorite stuffed animal.

In Kingman we hit a back up.  Thankfully it didn't last long.

Croix enjoyed lots of reading time.

I enjoyed lots of time watching Croix

And snapping some shots of him

He's the sweetest!

He also got to enjoy lots of time watching movies.

When we got to Utah it was snowing.  It kept snowing the next day.  WE LOVED IT!!!
Croix loved this new stuff called snow!  He even said snow a few times.

Just watching

Yeah he pretty much loved it!

We also spent lots of time with sweet baby Dixie....Croix's future wife.

He loves her already!
Croix loved Dixie!  One night we were hanging out and Dixie was chillin in a dipaer and sitting next to Croix.  He was squealing in delight.  Des said give her a kiss, he leaned in for a big one, went back for some more!  We were laughing hysterically!

Who wouldn't?  She's adorable!

Croix had fun with things long ago put in storage at our house

A high chair became....

A fort

We went to the park, in long sleeves and cool brisk air.  Ahh it was heaven.

He's pro on a ladder.

High Fives!

We enjoyed going to to lunch one day and dinner another.  For lunch we went to get pizza.  The had the biggest bread sticks ever!

When we went out to diner we went to a Mexican place that was delish!  The waitresses fell in love with Croix, who of course was flirting with them.  They loved him so much the brought him free dessert, and a sucker, before he was done with his dinner.  So say getting him to finish was a challenge would be an understatement.  They brought out sugary, chips with whipped cream and chocolate.  This is the mess that ensued.

Croix has a new thing, when ever he sees the emblem on a car he goes over and pushes it and says Beep!

This cracked me up!  There's a vending machine out side someones trailer!

Croix and Uncle Royal, they got along great!

Miss Dixie and Aunt Terina

Croix and Dixie had a great time playing together.

He could even say her name by time we left!

Then we headed back home

Stopped at Burger King

Croix and his cousin Seth had fun in the play ground

Uncle Trenton joined in too (He was really helping!)

Croix's pig face in this is priceless!

We had a great time!  A HUGE thank you to our friends Desiree and Royal who let us stay with them!  Desiree got back from Europe the same night we got there.  Despite being tired and jet lagged she was so much fun!  We love you guys and miss you already!

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