Friday, October 28, 2011

Back Yard Fun

The weather has been simply delightful! I’ve been sending Croix outside to play in the back yard almost every day. You know what….it really is as great as I’ve imagined it being all summer long. Croix loves the back yard too! I just feel a little bad for the kid that it’s just rocks. Not that it really bothers him all that much, he’ll bring me rocks he finds that he thinks are super cool.

The other day he was having a blast with the faucet.

Washing balls and showing them to us.

Brent and I loved it, Croix makes us so happy.  And man Brent is so handsome when he's happy!
Eventually he just started washing himself.
Then he started filling up our watering can.  He was trying to bring water over to wash off the sidewalk chalk.  He barely got any water in it!  He poured out what little bit of water he did manage to get in before he ever got to the patio and the chalk.  It was adorable to see how determined he was though, going back and forth with his few drops of water.
The he had to jump around in the puddle he created.

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