Sunday, October 2, 2011


We went to Brent's parents today to watch General Conference.  While we were there we skyped Brent's sister and her family.  Croix had lots of fun talking to his cousins.  Max showed him his tools and Croix showed Max his tools.  Croix loved checking out baby Owen!  Then Croix's cousins Connor and Tyler got there.  Croix love love loved baby Tyler.  He is only 3 months old.  Croix came up and snuggled him.  Helped me feed him his bottle.  Kissed him on the head and with out any prompting told Tyler "I love you".  It about melted my heart!  Croix is going to be an amazing big brother some day!  I hope that day is soon!!!!
Croix and Connor both love Cars, and both brought Cars toys, so we had some sharing issues.  But by the end of the evening they were running all over laughing and playing together.  Good buddies!  They even ended up snuggled on Croix's couch together.

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