Monday, October 31, 2011

Riding a Camel

Croix got to ride a Camel!  We went to the zoo with some friends.  The basically have an all access pass to the zoo where you get to do everything, including the things I'm typically too cheap to do, like ride a camel and go on the carousel.  I think this was the first time we've been to the zoo that Croix actually enjoyed the animals.  Before he's been more interested in the people and the trees.  He (as well as me) also enjoyed being there with friends.  It was a great day!

 Checking out the turtles
 Getting loaded on the camel
All ready to go
 Riding around
 No Croix does not look too happy.  He started saying "Mom off.  Mom done."  I think it was a little scary for him.

 Checking out the tractor

Riding the carousel.  Don't you love his "cheese" face

I must confess it's on my list of things to do before I die to ride a camel....I'm just a little jealous Croix has done this before me.

Friday, October 28, 2011

TAKEN by terina

I haven't posted  much here lately.  I've had a TON going on.  One thing that's been consuming much of my time is this This is the blog for my new photography business.  I've also got a facebook page which I would love oh so much if you would go like it!!!  (pretty please!)

Come on Ride the Train

Croix loves the train.  So we took him to freestone park to ride the train there.  He loved every minute of it.  Sorry in advance for the picture overload...he was just TOO adorable!

 Waiting for the train to start
 More than a little excited!

 Watching the world pass by.

Choo choo

 It cracked me up that they had RR crossing at the side walks.

Working With Tools

A few weekends ago Brent was working on cleaning up our back yard.  Croix wanted to be right by his side helping.

Doesn't he just look so big!  Stop it already!

Back Yard Fun

The weather has been simply delightful! I’ve been sending Croix outside to play in the back yard almost every day. You know what….it really is as great as I’ve imagined it being all summer long. Croix loves the back yard too! I just feel a little bad for the kid that it’s just rocks. Not that it really bothers him all that much, he’ll bring me rocks he finds that he thinks are super cool.

The other day he was having a blast with the faucet.

Washing balls and showing them to us.

Brent and I loved it, Croix makes us so happy.  And man Brent is so handsome when he's happy!
Eventually he just started washing himself.
Then he started filling up our watering can.  He was trying to bring water over to wash off the sidewalk chalk.  He barely got any water in it!  He poured out what little bit of water he did manage to get in before he ever got to the patio and the chalk.  It was adorable to see how determined he was though, going back and forth with his few drops of water.
The he had to jump around in the puddle he created.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


We went to Brent's parents today to watch General Conference.  While we were there we skyped Brent's sister and her family.  Croix had lots of fun talking to his cousins.  Max showed him his tools and Croix showed Max his tools.  Croix loved checking out baby Owen!  Then Croix's cousins Connor and Tyler got there.  Croix love love loved baby Tyler.  He is only 3 months old.  Croix came up and snuggled him.  Helped me feed him his bottle.  Kissed him on the head and with out any prompting told Tyler "I love you".  It about melted my heart!  Croix is going to be an amazing big brother some day!  I hope that day is soon!!!!
Croix and Connor both love Cars, and both brought Cars toys, so we had some sharing issues.  But by the end of the evening they were running all over laughing and playing together.  Good buddies!  They even ended up snuggled on Croix's couch together.