Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Some how this year I did not end up taking very many pictures on Christmas.  So here's what we got.

Christmas morning we enjoyed eggnog, bananas and banana bread....lots of crumbs might have to try something different next year.

Mater joined in.

We went to church with Grandma and then had lunch and dinner over there.  Croix love love loved having all his cousins in town.

Croix and Cate are just 3 months apart, Cate being older.  We tried to get a cute pic of the two of them together...try getting two 2yr olds to smile at a camera at the same time.  GOOD LUCK!

We also had a visit from Santa, Croix was one of the few kids who did not cry.  That's my boy!

Brent asked Croix waht he wanted to get me for Christmas.  Croix said a yellow hat.  They went to many stores looking for a yellow hat to no avail.  So they decided to make me one.

Thankfully the did eventually find me an actual yellow hat so I don't have to wear this to the grocery store.  Croix just loves every time I wear that yellow hat!

We made cookies for Santa

And generally had a great time spending time together and remembering our Savior and celebrating his birth.  We love Christmas!

(When we took down the Christmas tree Croix kept saying "Wait!"  "No!"  "CHRISTMAS!!!"  He also loved going for drives to look at Christmas lights, whcih we did frequently.)

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