Monday, January 30, 2012

Young Women

I've been serving the young women of my ward over three and a half years now.  I recently got released and called to be a primary teacher.  I've had mixed feelings about this.  3 1/2 years is a long time, I was feeling a little burned out and ready for a change.  I was longing to go to Relief Society!  But I sure do love those girls!  I miss them and their happy bubbly personalities.  I miss how they made me feel youthful and laugh.  Last Sunday three of my old Mia Miads came and sat in on my primary class.  I now team teach with the Sister I taught with in YW.  They couldn't resist coming to class with both their old teachers!  I didn't have the heart to kick them out and send them to sunday school.  I really enjoyed seeing them!

They first called me to be 1 on 1 with a special needs girl.  She is an awesome little Sunbeam.  I know her, her mom and family.  I was excited thinking how I have experience with special needs so I was a good person for this calling.  It wasn't until later that I remember that I'm pregnant and that might make this calling a little more difficult for me.  She's a bigger girl and picking her up, putting her on my lap, the physical aspects of the calling were clearly not going to work long term.  So they moved me to be a team teacher with my friend.  :)  I'm with the CTR 7 class (7 turning 8).  There are 18 kids on our roll, most of them active.  It's an enormous class.  For the most part they are well behaved.  It will certainly be a challenge keeping their attention and helping them stay reverent.  On to the new challenge :)

I am glad to know that this calling can only last 6 months.  Then a baby will come and I'll get to go to Relief Society again!!!  About 6 months after we were married Brent and I were called to serve in primary.  We moved into our current ward and I was called to be a Sunbeam teacher just 3 weeks after we moved in.  I went from primary straight to YW, now back to primary.  The thought of Relief Society makes me a little giddy!  I've missed it!!!

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