Monday, January 30, 2012

Monsters and Lions

Croix is now afraid of Monsters and Lions.  It's a little cute and a little sad.  When we are playing if he hears a noise he quickly dashes over to my lap (even if he's sitting right beside me) and says "Mommy, what's that noise?".  The other day he heard my tummy grumble and ran right over!  Ha!!  No matter what I tell him he thinks it's monsters.  He doesn't seem to be super duper scared of them.  Just a little bit scared of monsters and Lions.  I've decided no more Monsters Inc. might have to give The Lion King a break too.  Some times when we are driving in the car he'll gasp and pull his feet up as high as he can and say there's a lion in the back seat.  Pretty funny.

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