Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Man, LIttle Suit

Isn't he just TOO CUTE!!!
He looks like such a little man!

Croix and Dad after church.

Do you just love how they match,

white shirts unbuttoned after church.

I don't think I can have them match too much though. There is a girl in our ward that makes bow ties for her little guy, it's adorable! She said she'd teach me. I asked Brent if he would wear a bow tie that matches Croix's if I made one. That was a no go. So I get white shirts unbuttoned after church! Still adorable!


mike & hilary said...

He's so serious!!! Too cute!

Shalyce said...

Super cute. I'm amazed you found such a small suit. Can't wait to see the bow ties.

KJ said...

What a perfect little boy! So cute.

Marilyn said...

So darn cute!