Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trip Up North

A couple weekends ago we headed up north to Chino Valley to visit my family. It was so fun to visit, since we don't make it up there too often. It was even more fun to show off little Croix and see everyone ooh and aah over him! I was so happy to find out Croix travels well. He pretty much slept the whole way up and when he was awake he was happy and looking out the back window. I was a little worried about the elevation change and his ears, but he did great! Every now and then we'd hear a little "ahh" as he opened up and yawned a little. I've also really enjoyed observing my family members in new rolls. Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, etc. They've all been these rolls for two years now, since my nephew is now 2 but it's interesting how it seems different watching them with little Croix. I love to see my Mom as Grandma! She's a good little Grandma! Well anyway a big thanks to my Aunt and Uncle for hosting our little BBQ get together. Here are a few pics from the day that I stole from my sister Crystal since I was too busy visiting and didn't get hardly any pictures of my own taken.

Croix absolutely loved being out side laying under the tree on the grass!!

My brother Trenton and his son Seth on the sea saw

My sisters Crystal and Chelsea. Aren't they pretty!

My Grandpa, doesn't he just look so happy? He's a funny guy, I said to him, Grandpa I think Croix might have you're eyes and he says, no he doesn't they're still in my head!

Seth and Croix.....Grandma's little boys

My Mom, Me, Croix, and My Grandma.

Mom, Me, Croix, Grandma, Grandpa


My Uncle Doug grilling up the burgers.

My Aunt and Cousins

Seth scooting around!

My Aunt and Cousins have some animals on their property.

Like this giant pig! They were growing it to eat, but Courtney my cousin got attached to it, so now it's a pet. Did I mention Chino Valley is a small town ;-)

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