Monday, February 22, 2010

Ear Ring Drama

Ear ring drama? What the heck is that? How in the world can you have drama with ear rings? Well let me tell you how. It's pretty funny! I recently got my ears pierced. I hadn't really been too excited about getting to wear different ear rings because I really like the ones they put in when I initially got them pierced. Oh and that's right I didn't have any other ear rings. Why would I, I'd never had my ears pierced! At the Savvy Sale I went to two weeks ago there was a vendor with super cute ear rings for only $3! I got a few pairs and excitedly started to plan outfits to go with my new ear rings! Only 3 more weeks I thought. Yesterday, Sunday I was really just wanting to wear a new pair.
I said to Brent " I don't get how, after having a baby and an episiotomy my vagina can heal in 6 weeks but it takes my earlobes 8??? How does that make any sense?"
Brent replies "It was only 6 weeks"
Of course I don't believe him! I was sure it was 8 weeks! I pull out my paperwork they sent me home with and sure enough, it's only 6 weeks. That meant I could wear a new pair of my fun ear rings! I try to take out my original pair, they don't budge. I pull and pull and pull....nothing. I wondered if maybe you had to pinch something to get it to release so I ask Brent to try and take them out for me. He looks doesn't see anything to pinch so he also tries pulling. Nothing. Finally he says, maybe we need some pliers. Thank you Mister Boy but I don't think so! I decided I'd rather wait then have him trying to get them out with pliers! Can you just picture that? Me with my head cocked to the side, Brent with pliers yanking on my ear ring. Any way it ended in my head was bad, me with one less ear lobe, me with my ear lobe ripped open, me with a hole in my head from being whacked with pliers, my ear ring ruin. So no, thanks I'll just wait. Sadly I went to church with the same ear rings I've been wearing for the past 6 weeks.
I was at church and asked a good friend if she would look at them and see if there was anything special to them, like a pinch clasp or something. She looks, nothing, do you want me to take it out for you? I felt kind of funny, at church to asking my girlfriend to take out my ear ring for me but I said yes, and felt like a teenager! She pulled it right out!! Just popped it right off! I asked her how she did it, she just pulled. Oh as if Brent and I didn't both just pull. Crazy. After church I still just wanted to change my ear rings even if just for a little while and even if it was just to go to the in laws for dinner. After about 10 min I was able to get the one out that my friend had at church. The other one wouldn't come out! Once we got to my in laws I asked my sister in law to see if she could get it out for me. She pulled and pulled and pulled, nothing. My mother in law says, let me try, pop it came right out! What is wrong with these temperamental ear rings. It's like they have a mind of their own and will only come out for certain people!
Once I finally had them out I put in my new fun ear rings and quite enjoyed wearing them. I should have read the instructions better, apparently for the first 6 months I'm supposed to wear post type ear rings. Hummm not good since all 3 pairs I bought are big, dangly and as I found out yesterday, heavy. Guess I'll just have to buy some more ear rings :D


KJ said...

Hillarious! I could actually picture you yanking and pulling, and loosing earlobes! Ha Ha - Can't wait to see you in your cute earings!

Stephanie and Cody Sunderhaus said...

hahah.. what a riot! I was a baby changing out my earrings for the first few times. I was 18 at the time :)

Kalena and Justin said...

LOL I love it. Now imagion haveing to ask people at church how to take out the third ear ring.... now arent you glad you went ahead and passed on that one,LOL. Keep them coming lady you brighten my whole day, or night as it happens to be :D