Saturday, April 24, 2010

Documenting Discovery

I love watching Croix discover his world. I'm sure it will wear off in about a week but it's so fun to see him get into everything! Being the first time parent that I am I've been following him around taking pictures of it all. This is what we've been up to and what he's been discovering.

Playing with his teddy bear while we lowered his crib mattress.

The joy of Baby Einstein

Playing with Rusty


The bookshelf


Getting fast at crawling.

Funny faces!

The blinds

The dogie door.

The big exercise ball.

The dishwasher. He managed to get himself almost on it!

Tackling Rusty

Crawling through end tables.

Climbing on Bosco.

Hanging out under the table.

Sneaking out of the laundry room.

Wait....what do I see?

A door hinge!!!

The vacuum

The stairs!!!

The printer.


Our closet (It doesn't normally look like that!! It's so dirty it's almost like Where's Waldo? Only where's Croix!!)

Can you find him?

Snuggling with his doggies.

All that discovery lead to a baby gate!

Are you tired just watching him get into everything? I'm sure tired from chasing him all over the house! :D


Kalena and Justin said...

That is really to cute. I love that you followed him around with the camera. And like any good parents you watched him to the stairs and got baby Cant wait to see what he masters next.

Artsy Aut said...

He sure is busy! We are going through the same thing at our house with Baker. I love seeing him cruise around and make decisions on what to go after next. You sure have a cutie!