Monday, April 19, 2010

Noise Neighbors

We had some new neighbors move in two weeks ago. They have been very disruptive since! We do not like them. When I say we I don't just mean Brent and I either, our other neighbors in the same building don't like them either. They are always out side. I get it, the weather is perfect but come on, do you really need to be drinking and smoking out side all the time? They have two cars parked in our very limited parking spaces and have not moved them since they moved in. They were pounding on the walls on a Saturday morning at 5:30 am and then again at 7! Thankfully I slept through the 530 pounding but it woke Brent, the 7 pounding, I was awake, I pounded back and then hollered at them..."IT'S SATURDAY!!!!" You know what they did? They pounded louder!!! Our neighbors (the good ones that we like) have a baby the same age as Croix, Parker. Parker was taking a nap and they have this truck that's got big pipes and whatever. Well they were reving the engine and woke up Parker. So our neighbor goes out on her balcony and says, hey I have a baby who's trying to sleep. You know what they did? They kept on reving the engine. Well I decided I'd had enough. I call the police to find out when I can call and complain about their volume. I was almost expecting a lecture about not frivolously calling the police. Instead I got encouraged to call as soon as they start and every time, that way they'll get the hint! I also found out that I don't have to wait until 9 or 10 pm, if I think it's unreasonable I can call, day or night! We also contacted the owners of the place, they are our former neighbors. They took it very seriously! They called the tenants the same day and yelled at them! (at least I imagine the naughty neighbors getting yelled at, that makes me happy!) They've been better since. Thank goodness. Moral of this story. Be the bad guy! It could make your life a lot better! Or maybe the moral is don't mess with tired parents!


AZ Larsens said...

I've called the police on noisy neighbors before too, it makes me so mad! I mean up to a certain point, I can understand but enough is enough! We have neighbors that install car stereos out of their house and BUMP the music so loud it shakes our windows. They also ride these stupid go-carts and motorcycles up and down the street at all hours and they are SO loud! (BTW, these are grown men...grow up already!) I also used to wait till 10 or whatever. But the police told me the same thing, call whenever they are being annoying!

Kendra said...

Way to go! :)

Kalena and Justin said...

I am glad they are being better now that they got yelled at. Hope they stay good or move. Its never any fun to deal with that.