Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LA LA Land

I was so happy! We had not been on a vacation since Oct '08!!!! That is way too long! We went to LA to visit my brother Travis and his wife Stefanie. We had a great vacation! Beach, spa (me :), a little shopping, a couple movies, lots of time on the couch, early morning snuggles, relaxing and most important lots of time to just have fun as a family! These are a few of my favorite pictures from our trip.

We stayed with my brother Travis and his wife Stefanie. They were so kind and welcoming! Croix LOVED them!!!! (if you can't tell by his giant smile!) Thanks again guys! It was just the break we needed! No work, no school, no clients, no alarm clocks. It was perfect

When we first go there Croix just sat and watched and checked everything out.

We dug in the sand with our bucket and shovel.

Watching the ocean

Beach attire
I've been dreaming of him wearing those shorts to the beach! Dreams to come true! They say: When it's sunny on the weekend my Dad takes me to the beach we go swimming we play catch and sometimes we just sit on the sand. HOW CUTE!!!

Croix did great! He took great naps in a different house and in a pack and play rather then his crib. He did wake up a 5:45 every morning! Sheesh that was not fun. He normally wakes up then, fusses and goes back to sleep. Well in the same room as us there was no going back to sleep. So Brent and I took turns getting up with him/sleeping in. He had fun with their dogs. We loved the beach. I was worried with it being a holiday weekend the beaches would be packed but they were not! We went on some long drives and saw some amazing views, Topanga Canyon is beautiful! Malibu is gorgeous. Baby Einstein saved the day when we were stuck in traffic on the 405. We drove through the night there and back and lived to see then sunrise the next morning! It was a little rough but we decided it would be the easiest with Croix, he just slept the whole way. I went to the Korean Spa on my birthday and LOVED getting away for the morning! My friend Amanda came home with us for a little vacation of her own, which made our vacation seem just a little longer! I don't think we'll go this long between vacations again!

To see all the pictures from our trip go here

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Arizona Dunbars said...

How fun!! Everybody needs a break from real life for a little bit. Then you are ready to dig back in. Hopefully