Monday, June 21, 2010


Brent is such an amazing Dad! I am daily impressed and grateful for his love, support, and gentleness. He does so much for Croix and I.

He holds us

He shows us things from a different perspective

He is cute

He makes sure we have food

He makes sure we get the rest we need and helps with bed time
(I love that he makes sure I get the rest I need!)

He helps with bath time

He's our Rock Star

He shows us how a loving righteous priesthood holder
presides over his family

He teaches us
(This is Brent showing Croix how to fill out a tithing slip)

He has wonderful conversation

He helps with meals

Some times he surprises us

He's cool

He keeps us safe

He shows us beautiful things

He makes the world more fun

He gives us kisses

He makes funny faces

He plays with us

He's always there for us

He brings music to our home

He is silly

He's showing Croix how to be a wonderful Man
He is everything we want or need! Croix absolutely adores him! He lights up when Brent comes home from work. Love to play with him. LOVES Daddy baths. I love learning what a wonderful father does. I've not seen nor experienced this! I'm so glad Croix gets to!
Thank you Brent for all your hard work! Your never ending love. Your willingness to be an equal partner in parenting. You two are my world!

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