Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ten Months

At 10 months old you are turning into quite the little man. You don't really seem like a baby anymore. You are constantly on the go. You love to climb into the dishwasher. You will just sit there or stand up and work on pulling out all the dishes. You dart for the laundry room whenever the door is open. And always when you get in there go straight for the dogs food and water dishes. You also dash for the fridge when it is opened. You cross your feet all the time, I think its adorable!!!
You are cruising along the furniture like it's nobodies business. I keep thinking one day you'll just take off on your own, but you have yet to do that. You do love your walker toy and walk all over using that. You also love to pull yourself up on my legs and walk with me.
You walk behind me and stick your head through my legs, you laugh and laugh you think it's so fun.You love to fly around and rough house. You are a social little boy and love interacting with people. You smack your lips, it's pretty funny. You can now wave bye-bye, give kisses, and give high fives. You love to snuggle when you wake up. You think dogie noises are funny and you LOVE your dogies! You also love the dogie door and will stand on your tip toes to see over it! You've climbed up onto the couch a couple times all by yourself. You climb over everything, never going around anything, always over. You still just have your two bottom teeth, which is adorable. Your hair is still baby fine and thin, but it's getting longer. You have two little cowlicks that make it so you constantly have a little alfalfa. You probably need a hair cut but I can't bring myself to do it! You love your leapfrog learning table and your sensory balls. You love your friends Lexee and Parker. You have figured out how to get into the cupboards and drawers. You love music. You have figured out how to open lids with your teeth, you open your little puffs all by yourself now. You have learned what the word no means and know when you are being naughty. You will try and hide it! So funny! You are a great eater and will eat anything we give you. You are eating more and more solids. You love fruit and watermelon! You are the best little boy ever and we continue to fall more and more in love!!!!

10 Month Stats

Height 28.5 in 56th%

Weight 17.4 lbs 3rd %

Head17.5 in 47th%

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Kalena and Justin said...

He is growning up way to fast. Time for another one mom? He is getting cutter by the day and he is going to be a little heart breaker. Nice to see you so grown up little man. Now slow down a little and be a baby a little longer.