Saturday, March 19, 2011

18 Month Photos

We had fun tonight! Little stinker wouldn't smile, or really even look at me! Good thing he's still adorable! He finally smiled when some strangers walked by and he started waving and saying, bye, bye, bye! I guess next time I'll invite a stranger to go with us to take pictures!

 The more I learn about my camera and use it, the more I'm realizing I need a new lens!  I want a 50mm 1.8f.  Awww I'm dreaming.  Someday, hopefully soon.

Oh and PS I'm learning why you have someone else take photos for you, I can't choose good ones, they are all good, there of my little boy!  LOL


heatherellisphotography said...

Cute! The 50mm is amazing, I love it and you will too :)

Mike & Hilary said...

the 50mm is by far my favorite lens as far as picture quality! Get one!!!

Heather said...

GOod job Terina! I will echo the sentiment of the 50mm lens, it is only $100 if you go with the 1.8. How about a graduation present for you?? ;)

Nicole said...

These are adorable! What kind of camera do you have? Also do you think you would be willing to practice taking pictures are my kids in their Easter outfits?