Saturday, March 19, 2011

18 Months

I can't belive he's 18 mo old already!  When did this happen?  Seriously! Last weekend, three separate times someone referred to Croix as a big boy. Not to me, in fact all three times I just over heard it. It makes me a little sad. He is turning into such a big boy. I don't think there's any baby left in him at all. Time is flying by too fast.  He's growing and learning daily.  He's saying new words all the time.  The most frequently used words are Daddy, baby, thank you, shoe, milk, sleep, eat, and bath.  I'm working hard to ensure his first sentence will be I Love You.  He climbs everywhere, runs everywhere, is into everything.  He is exhausting, yet never exhausted.  He loves to growl.  He loves our bedtime routine.  Bath time is so fun.  He's turning into a great little helper.  He loves dance class and learning.  He loves his Daddy.  When Brent come through the door his best buddy is home.  He is sweet and tender hearted.  Yet brave and at times a little too fearless. He is perfect and we love him!

These are just some random pics from the other day, in the laundry room.  I want to go out and "pratice" for some 18 mo. pics, (shhh don't tell he'll be 19 mo in a few days, just a little behind).  Hopefully I'll have those posted soon.

Oh and one picture from the toy store at the mall, because I think it's kind of adorable.

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Heather said...

Love his cool new 'do! Our babies are big kids now! So sad and fun at the same time. Miss you guys, it's time for another play date.