Saturday, March 19, 2011


Brent and I recently found ourselves experiencing the quintessential marriage problems.  Brent felt nagged and like he couldn't do anything right.  I felt under appreciated and like I was doing everything.  Pretty typical right.  I'm glad we have great communication and are able to talk about these things so they don't turn into major issues.  A good conversation and we've decided Brent is going to try to be more verbally appreciative and notice things he can do to help, especially on days when Croix has been difficult.  I'm going to do my best to keep comments to myself that don't really need to be said and try to remember Brent has been working all day, sometimes he just wants to relax and play with his little boy.

I am grateful for marriage.  What a blessing to share your life with someone you can trust enough, and be comfortable enough with to learn and grow together.  I find that when I can be humble enough to learn from Brent and patient and loving enough to help him, we make a great team!  It's when I become selfish and start noticing all the things that frustrate me, rather than all the good, that I get discouraged and angry.  Men and women are so different.  I feel that this can be such a blessing.  When we can learn from our differences we can help each other grow. The dangerous part is, when you are that comfortable with someone it's a lot easier to be selfish and let your tongue lash out, or stop being thoughtful and helpful.  Marriage truly is work, a conscious effort to help uplift and strengthen each other.  What a glorious work we are doing!  Becoming better people!

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Mike & Hilary said...

the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman - READ IT!!! :)