Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good-bye Skiba Family

Brent's sister Carrie and her family moved to South Carolina this week. Her husband got a great job with GE. They are off to a great adventure. The night before they left we got together at Grandma and Papa's house for dinner. Croix and I went over after nap time to get in as much time with those sweet kids as possible before they moved. They watched movies, played games, and had fun.

Croix, Kierstie, Cate, and Max

Isn't miss Cate adorable!

Croix just loved little Owen. He kept saying baby, baby, baby, and wanted to snuggle him. He did a very good job of being gentle and sweet with him.

Then after dinner we went outside and shot off some fireworks that are not legal in SC.

Croix thought it was pretty cool for a little bit.

Then he got a little scared and Daddy protected him

Cate, Brent, and Croix

We sure are going to miss having so many cousins so close. Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas time!

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