Sunday, July 24, 2011


My jewelry has been a mess! My jewelry box was just not doing the job. So I googled some ideas on homemade jewelry boxes/storage and found some good ideas. I kind of put a few together to get something I really like!


I got a picture frame on clearance at Walmart for like $7, I went to Lowes and got some paint for $1 from their "ooops" section (paint they mixed wrong).  Everything else I had at my house already. It was a super easy, affordable, quick, project!

I took the frame and sanded it down and then primed it and painted it.

Then I roughed it up a little bit

Then I took some cheesecloth (to hook ear rings in) and put in in the back, left the glass out.  I added some hooks to the edge (for necklaces) and some nails to the top (for rings and bracelets).

And hung it on the wall.

Then I added my jewelry.
So organized

I love the way it turned out!  I love the color too!  I have some left and I'm trying to figure out what else I can do with it.  Any ideas?

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