Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day 2011

I love this holiday!  I always have, ever since I was a child.  Maybe because I grew up in a small town that had lots of parades and celebration, and is home to the worlds oldest rodeo (which I have never been to, how wrong it that!).  I also am very grateful for the freedoms that I enjoy, the country that I live in, the opportunity that I have.  I am thankful for the Men and Women who have and currently do sacrifice to provide and preserve those freedoms.

God bless America!

We went up to Prescott for the parade, it was Croix's first parade, he loved it! (be prepared for picture overload)

 Aunt Crystal and Seth

 He got a balloon and was in heaven!

Sweet Seth
 This might be my new favorite picture in the whole world!

 Proud to be an American!
 Typical boys, playing in the puddles

 Seth and Croix, good buddies.  Sitting on Aunt Crystal's lap (while she still has one :)
 Waving back at the parade go-ers
 Croix's party face!
 Loving the free candy (which I tried to avoid him grabbing!)

 Seth rockin' the cowboy hat

 Croix and Aunt Chelsea
 "What's wrong with wearing two hats if they are both cool?"

We went to my Aunt Beth and Uncle Doug's house for a BBQ....it rained right before we sat down to eat.  It was perfection!  Croix loved running around in the rain!

 He loved it so much he didn't want to come in out of the rain
 Croix kept trying to climb over the fence.  That is as far as he ever got, never got that second leg over, but he sure did try!

 Mom & I
Chelsea & I

 He passed out with in minutes of getting in the car, only to be awoken about 30 min later by a fire truck passing us.  He was then up until after 9pm.  Traveling is hard on sleep!

On the way home there was a sign that I-17 southbound had a wreck and one lane was closed.  We decided to go home through Payson.  It was a longer drive but prettier.  At dusk, just after the sun had set, we saw and elk.  The BIGGEST elk I have ever seen!  It was taller than our car, and at least as long, had antlers hunters dream of.  It was scary!  As we approached it, the elk took a couple steps toward the road.  Brent honked the horn and it stopped and thankfully retreated into the forest.  Had we not seen it, and crashed into that monstrous elk, I'm quite certain my car would have been totaled and we would have spent the night (or longer) in the hospital.  So glad we made it home safe and sound!

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