Sunday, July 24, 2011


Croix's vocabulary is really growing, and fast!  He repeats just about everything we say.  He says new words all the time.  It's quite exciting that we are really starting to communicate.  He's even starting to put sentences together.

The other night Croix and Brent were playing.  Running around the living room, chasing each other, doing ring around the rosies, growling at each other etc.  Croix kept saying "this is fun".

Although not quite a word Croix has picked up on a silly little thing I didn't even realize I do.  Apparently I click my tongue a lot.  He started doing it when ever I would, which made me realize I even do that.  Now he does it on his own.

He asks "what's that" all the time".

He sings Elmo (melmo) "la la la la, la la la la, Elmo's world"  (only he just says la la la).

He can find cars just about anywhere, and says cars, cars, cars until I've found lightning McQueen.

When He's thinking about something, or if you ask him a question he'll say  ummmmm.

He's started calling us Mommy and Daddy rather than Mama and Dada.  This makes him seem so much older!

He asks for his aunt Chelsea an awful lot, as well as cousin Seth.

He loves to do Superman (sweepman) and ring around the rosies and will ask for those frequently.  He loves and asks for piggy backs (packpacks) every time we go down the stairs.  He asks for candy (nannee) all the time (very rarely gets any, thank you Easter candy).

With all this talking he still has yet to figure out talking on the phone.  He just holds the phone to his mouth and chews on it.

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Karen said...

I love it. I can't wait for Adam to be that age.