Friday, July 29, 2011


We're on vacation, right now, as I'm typing this laying in a hotel bed.  So why am I blogging right now while I'm on vacation rather than after I got home?  Well because I'm trying to avoid writing a talk for sacrament meeting.  Sigh. 

We've been in our ward for 4.5 years.  I've served in 3 different YW presidencies, I've been camp director once and attended girls camp another year, yet this will be my first time speaking in this ward.  Shocking right?  I’m a little shocked.  You know the funny part about that, I don't mind speaking in church.  Call me crazy but public speaking isn't so bad. Sure I get butterflies in my stomach and my pits get sweaty, but other then that not so bad.  BUT this time, I’m not so thrilled, because as previously mentioned I'm on vacation.

When we were planning this little trip Brent and I argued (we always argue when making vacation plans, I don't know why.  If you were to ask me what we argue about the most it would probably be travel plans, which is likely a good thing since we don’t travel all too often, we don't argue very much) about weather to go Thrs-Sat or Fri - Sun.  I thought we should go Fri-Sun, Brent won.  This means I was going to be in town to speak when the Bishop asked!  If we'd made plans like I wanted to, I would have totally gotten out of it because I would have been out of town!

The bishop asked me Tues night after mutual.....I lingered too long.  We left early Thurs. morning on our trip, we won’t get back until late Sat night.  This leaves me no option other than writing a talk while on vacation.  The only reason this is even possible is because my sister in law loaned me her lap top for the weekend.  Bless her!  She is a life saver.  I was a bout to have a panic attack Wed before we left thinking I had basically one day to write a talk.  But here I am, rather uninspired and not quite sure how to compose this talk. So rather than writing talk, I'm complaining on here.  Great use of my time right?

Well wish me luck!

PS  our vacation has been amazing!  I can't wait to get home and post pics and write all about it!


Katherine said...

I would have still told the Bishop no, just in case something happened and I didn't get back. But you are probably a much better person than me.

Marilyn said...

All I can say is that it is about time you spoke in church!