Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Boy Bed

We decided to move Croix into a big boy bed.  This decision was made along with starting potty training.  Croix will wake up in the morning and lay in bed talking to himself for up to an hour in the mornings.  This is also when he usually goes poo.  I thought if we changed his crib into a toddler bed then he could wake up in the morning and get up, and get me so we could then go potty.

He did great about the first week.  He would cry a little.  The first couple nights he even got up and came an clung to the door for a minute.  (we put a knob lock on the inside of his door)  He was so cute.  He would stand at the rail crying like he did when the rail was still there!  So funny!  Like he didn't realize he could just get out.  He will still do that, even though he's now figured out he can get out of bed.  So much for my idea of him getting up in the morning.  But after a couple days he didn't even do that.  Then this past week we felt the adjustment pains.  On Tuesday he cried and screamed in his room the entire nap time.  Then that night he woke up at 11 and cried and screamed until almost 2!  Wednesday no nap again.  Thursday, maybe a nap, in between crying spurts.  Friday same as Thursday.  Finally Saturday and Sunday we are back to a good nap.  He also went down Sunday with no problems.  Hopefully he's now comfortable in his new bed!

 Stinking camera focused on the book not the boys :(

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