Friday, August 26, 2011


It's been over a year that we've been ttc.  I’m still not pregnant.  So we went to see our fertility specialist, Dr Moffitt.  He's at Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists.  He was great and we now have a plan.  We're very excited about our plan.  He said it makes sense that I got pregnant the month we took off from treatments, when the previous months hadn't worked.  Apparently in some people the clomid can have a side effect that can cause the uterine lining to been too thin, which will prevent pregnancy.  So the month I took off I was most likely still experiencing the benefits, (ovulation) with out the side effects (thin uterine lining).  The months I was on clomid were with my OBGYN.  So they were not closely monitored (or monitored at all).  So we'll try a different medication, femara, which should not have the same side affect.  They will also monitor my cycles with ultra sounds to check every step of the way.  Make sure egg follicles are developing properly, that the uterine lining looks good etc.  I'm also on a medication to help with high hormone levels which have me still producing milk (just a little but enough it could affect getting pregnant).  He also recommended that I gain 10 LBS, so far I'm up 5!  It's only taken me 3 weeks.  I'm not going to turn myself into a garbage can eating a ton of junk to gain weight, and gaining weight in a healthy way can take a while.  I've been drinking boost shakes, they have 360 cal and 14 grams of fat!  Two or three of those a day and it's working! 

I'm hopeful and excited that our plan will work and we'll soon be bringing another little person into our family.  I am a little worried about all the hormones, man they were crazy before, and I have a two year old now.  I’m trying hard to stay positive.  There is always a twinge of jealousy when I hear someone else is pregnant.  There are pregnant bellies everywhere.  But it truly is so much easier than last time.  For one I know I can get pregnant, I had started wondering last time.  For two I have Croix, he makes everything better.  There has been much prayer and fasting and we feel good about this decision.  If this is the right decision, the Lord will help us through.

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AZ Larsens said...

Yay! Sounds like a good plan!