Saturday, August 27, 2011

Potty Training

I've been feeling like Croix was ready for potty training for a while.  He showed great interest when we were using the restroom.  He'd come in with us and sit on his little potty and pretend like he was going.  He'd randomly grab himself and say pee pee and go to the bathroom.  He knew when he was messy or wet and didn't like to be that way.  All signs of potty training readiness!  I just didn't know if I was ready!  We were planning our vacation to Flagstaff so I decided I'd wait until after that since I would not want to be potty training on vacation, or take a time out from potting training for vacation.  Croix slept horribly on vacation and I was tempted to wait figuring it would mess up his sleep (which it did).  I realized though I'd always be able to come up with a reason to wait and I just needed to do it!  So August 1st we started potty training!  We went and got pullups, Elmo's Potty Time DVD, a little seat for the toilet, a step stool and some big boy underwear.

We came home and spent then next few days at home.  He did nothing but drink and pee, and watch Elmo's Potty Time.  I started him in pull ups, but he just didn't really get it.  It was like there was no difference to him from a pull up and a diaper.  Then I tried underwear thinking that would help him to realize when he was going.  Well it did, but he still just went in his underwear.  So he just went naked.  I always thought I wasn't going to be that Mom that just let her kid run around naked while potty training and pee all over the floor.  But apparently I am.  And guess what, it worked!  He got it, and he went to the toilet.  There have been many accidents.  Nothing a carpet cleaner couldn't handle though.  By the end of the week he had really gotten it.  Then over the weekend he didn't do very good.  He did great the next week.  Now I'd say he's fully potty trained! There are even some days he's still dry after nap time.  He just has some accidents here and there.  There are even some days he's still dry after nap time.  But for the most part he always tells me when he needs to go, or just goes with out me!

He's pretty smart this little guy of mine!  Picked up on it pretty quick.

Potty training and running around naked have produced many funny naked pictures!!!  Don't think I'll share those though, just save them for future girl friends.

But there are some cute ones of him in some big boy underwear.

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