Saturday, August 27, 2011


We decided to take a little trip up north to escape the heat.  We headed to Flagstaff, it was perfection!  The weather was just heavenly.  We spent days and days just having fun together.  Other than the fact that Croix was a horrible sleeper it was perfect!  And when I say horrible I mean horrible, awful no good, very bad sleeper!  He straight up refused to nap in the hotel room.  Was up for hours in the middle of the night.  And then up at about 5 in the morning!  Despite our sleep deprivation we all had a great time, not too much grumpiness for the slender amounts of sleep.

 He had just seen a train!
 He love love loved the choo choos!
 We enjoyed lots of tasty meals.
 We went up to the ski lift and enjoyed the view, ran around in the fields a bit.

 The hotel had these chairs by the elevator.  Croix always had to sit in them, with Daddy in the other.

We went to the Pioneer Museum.  Croix loved checking it out

 He loved the train the most.

We went and  played at a park, just loved being outside!

 My man looked pretty good!

 Croix did some good climbing!

We love Flagstaff!

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