Friday, December 30, 2011

Croix's Going to Be a Big Brother

With this being my second pregnancy, combined with the fact that my RE had me gain 10lbs to help get pregnant I feel like I'm already getting a little belly.  One night it was popping out a little and I said to Croix, right here there's a baby, we're going to have a baby!  This was his response.

He's adorable!  When ever we ask him if he wants a brother or a sister he always says a sister.  If we ask him if he wants the baby to be a boy or girl he says girl.....maybe he knows something we don't.  I'll ask him "Croix do you want a baby?"  to which he always reply's "uh-huh"  and I will say "Ok I'll make you one".  I can't wait to see him as a big brother!  He just loves babies.  It will be so fun!!!

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Kendra said...

It will be so fun for him! I love your post about miracles - thank you for the sweet reminder. I hope everything is going good and you are feeling well.