Friday, December 30, 2011


For anyone who missed our Christmas Card, or missed the fine print, we are pregnant!  Due July 7th 2012.  We are beyond thrilled!  I'm so happy it was so much easier this time!  I had to laugh when I thought how easy it was.  Just tried a year on our own, consulted the RE and made a treatment plan, gained 10LBS, spent a month getting rid of a cyst, and then meds, mid cycle ultrasound, a shot, and we're pregnant.  Funny that I think that's easy.  Despite the fact we were doing all this I was still surprised when we saw that positive pregnancy test.  I normally have quite long cycles, which means I ovulate (if I ovulate) later in the month.  They had me start doing Ovulation test (OPK's) at cycle day 11.  I thought this was way too soon.  But sure enough day 11 I got a positive.  When you get a positive OPK you go in for an ultrasound to see how many egg follicles have developed.

When I went in for the ultrasound the nurse says "looks like you got a false positive"  I was irritated, thinking it was false because I hadn't had the LH surge yet (which happens a couple days before you ovulate).  I was thinking I'd have to drive all the way down the Phoenix again, arrange for a babysitter another day in the next week when I really did have the LH surge.  The she said "it doesn't look like the femara worked".  All the sudden I wasn't as irritated as I was confused and concerned.  I knew the femara did something, I was emotional, had hot flashes, and other symptoms, I knew it had done something to my body!  She then told me she didn't see any egg follicles.  My heart sunk.  Another month of nothing, and now no chance of getting pregnant.  Then she kept looking and found one, it was already collapsing and on its way down the fallopian tube but it was there.  She said I must have ovulated either that morning or the day before.  I left with instructions to go home and do the trigger shot ASAP, do the baby dance ASAP (Brent did not want to take a long lunch lol), and again the next day, with assurances that even though it wasn't ideal, it was still possible. 

I had little expectations because not only was timing not ideal, we had "old sperm".  We gave it our best, prayed for a positive out come and I stayed hopeful but at the same time thought, next month we know to start testing sooner.

We were supposed to take a pregnancy test on October 28th but for some reason I decided to test on the 27th.  I used a test that a friend had given me.  There was a faint line, I started to get all excited but then realized I didn't know if this was the kind of test that has a positive sign and negative sign.  Since it was a test from a friend there wasn't a box, no instructions, so I took another test!  That one had another faint line...POSITIVE!  I couldn't believe it, bad timing, old sperm and it still worked!  Our first cycle and we were pregnant!  Brent and I were both just so happy, thrilled, excited, overjoyed, any other good feeling adjectives you can think of!

Miracles happen people!  Ever day!  You just have to look for them!

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