Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eating Like a Big Boy

Croix is not such a huge fan of his high chair any more.  He'll still eat there, but her really just likes sitting at the table with us.  He also has some new plates, and forkes and is getting much better using them.

Arizona Museum of Natural History

Brent went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History with his Mesa Leadership Training class the other day.  He insisted we had to take Croix because he would love it.  Well Brent knows his little boy pretty well, Croix thought it was pretty awesome.  He loved all the roarrrrrrrrr roarrrrrrrrrs!  (that's what Croix calls dinosaurs, roarrrrrrr roarrrrrrrs).

Panning for gold

 Digging for dinosaur bones.

 The jail


Here are a few picture of Croix's adorableness.

Happy Birthday Croix!!!

We just celebrated Croix's second birthday.  It seems like this past year has just flown by!  Croix is just such a big boy!

Chowed down on some yummy cake and homemade ice cream!
He had fun opening presents

 Croix loved his balloons and wrapped himself up in them and wandered around like that all morning!

Brent took Croix's actual birthday off and we went to the Phoenix Children's Museum.  Croix loves this place!  He had such a blast!

 Noodle forest is always a fovorite.

 Giant bathtub with wings.

I can't believe my little guy is already two!  We sure have loved experiencing every minute of the past two years, all the fun, learning, tears, hugs and loves!  What a blessing and a treasure to be a parent. 

Two Year Pictures

While we were in Flagstaff we took advantage of the cool weather, and great downtown areas to take some pictures of Croix.  we got some cute ones!

I love my little family!!!