Monday, February 6, 2012

We're Having a Baby GIRL!!!!

We had our big ultrasound yesterday.  Can I just say how mean it is to ask a pregnant woman to drink 26 ounces of water and NOT pee!  Good heavens!  I've been anticipating this for weeks!  This past week just crawled by as we waited for our apt.  I was so anxious to find out if we were having a boy or girl, to make sure baby was growing well, to make sure everything on my part looked good.  This is such a big ultrasound.  I was happy to hear that baby looks great.  She (can't get over that!) is growing great, all organs look good.  No signs of any problems.  She is measuring exactly where she should be for her due date, not a day off. I was glad to hear this because as of today I have not gained a single pound.  I wasn't seriously concerned, I know I'm eating healthy, eating extra, I can feel my uterus growing, and baby moving.  I was a nice relief though to hear she's  measuring just right!  I think I probably haven't  gained any weight because to gain 10lbs before getting pregnant I was drinking nearly 1000 cal a day.  Plus the medication to get rid of the cyst caused weight gain.  Surly if I wasn't pregnant and stopped both of those I'd be loosing weight.  So perhaps rather then loosing weight I'm just not gaining.  Dr. did say she'd like to see a min of 1-2 lbs weight gain in the next month, but at this point since baby looks perfect she's not concerned either.

The ultrasound tech was unable to get the shot of baby girls heart that she needs, because of her position and the fact she wouldn't move.  She said from what she sees everything looks perfect, she just couldn't get the angle she needs, so we'll do another ultra sound in a couple months.  Also my placenta was a little low, so they would like to check that again as well.  Both things are not of any big concern, just need to be checked again.

We could not be more thrilled to be having a little girl!!  We wanted this so badly!  I got all teary eyed when she said, "and see these 3 little lines, that means it's a girl"  Oh so joyful!!

Croix was very cute.  He seemed a little concerned about me.  So I had him come over and stand by me and hold my hand.  He want to touch my belly and despite my best efforts to keep him from doing so, he got slimy.  After a bit just holding my hand was not quite enough so he came up on the table and laid next to me.  This made him happy!  Then he could really see what was going on.  It was super sweet and fun.  I loved having him snuggled next to me, and see our little girl. 

Yay for a great ultra sound and Doctors visit!  Yay for a smooth and healthy pregnancy!  Yay for almost being half way done!

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Just US said...

Congratulations!! That is super exciting and such great news!